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A Tribute to Sean Connery-The Long-established 007: The Most Iconic James Bond Areas Across the World

Sean Connery as James Bond alongside with his Aston Martin in ‘Goldfinger.’
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

Are you a die-laborious James Bond fan mourning the death of the distinctive movie actor? Bored with searching forward to the next movie in the franchise, delayed all but again by the pandemic? In tribute to Sean Connery, who performed the natty undercover agent on-cowl seven instances and died in the Bahamas on October 31, and whereas searching forward to No Time To Die, accumulate a digital tour of filming areas from classic Bond motion photos by the years. Known for his tuxedos, shaken-no longer-stirred martinis, Aston Martin luxurious motorized autos and objects (courtesy of Q), the British undercover agent—portrayed by six various actors on movie, origin with Connery in 1962—has continuously foiled villains in adventures home in far-flung, exotic locales.

CULMap007Dunns River Falls

CULMap007Dunns River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

In practically every dart, the undercover agent finds himself on a intellectual searching tropical island with an equally excellent lady. Many undergo in thoughts Sean Connery in the vital Bond movie, Dr. No (1962), with Ursula Andress and her neatly-known white bikini. The locale is a favored tourist resort destination, however whereas you visit, don’t demand it to be reasonably as secluded because it was for James and his Bond lady.

CUL_Map_007_Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle

Himeji, Japan

Practising martial arts is serious to retain 007 in combating form, and he visits a dojo in You Easiest Stay Twice (1967, Sean Connery) to retain his abilities provocative. If truth be told, the fort, positioned initiate air Kyoto is not any longer pale as a dojo, however guests can visit the historical set up and tour the grounds.

CUL_Map_007_Varda Bridge
Eren Bozkurt/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Varda Viaduct

Hacikiri, Turkey

Battle scenes in blood-pumping areas are a staple of Bond movies. Skyfall (2012, Daniel Craig) opens with a bike lope by Istanbul, and the scene involves a climax with a fistfight on top of a difficult put collectively because it crosses Varda Viaduct, a stone bridge 320 feet above a rocky canyon. Pick a put collectively across the bridge alongside the Baghdad Railway line, however make obvious that to live in the put collectively automobile.

CUL_Map_007_Hong Kong Dragon Garden, Hong Kong
RDB/ullstein bild/Getty

Dragon Garden

Tsing Lung Tau, Hong Kong

In The Man With the Golden Gun (1974, Roger Moore), Bond infiltrates these gardens—supposed to be the deepest procedure of Hai Full—at night, getting rid of guards alongside the device. The placement is truly a non-public backyard founded by Dr. Lee Iu-Cheung and now owned by Lumina School, which runs occasional guided excursions, presumably with much less safety than 007 confronted.

CUL_Map_007_Furka Pass, Switzerland,
Martin Ruegner/Getty

Furka Rush

The Alps, Switzerland

Within the classic movie Goldfinger (1964, Sean Connery), Bond races alongside these precarious cliffs in pursuit of the villain. The provocative turns and breakneck speeds in classic cars make this an adrenaline-packed scene. You are going to even power the the same street (at a grand slower tempo), however it’s a region identified for snow, so be cautious!

CUL_Map_007_ESO Hotel
Luxy Photos/Getty

ESO Hotel

Cerro Paranal, Chile

The villains of Quantum of Solace (2008) meet at a resort in the barren region to finalize plans, and Bond (Daniel Craig) is there alongside with his Bond lady (performed by Olga Kurylenko) to foil their plans. In proper existence, the resort is on the Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desolate tract in an procedure identified for amazing stargazing and breathtaking scenery. Right don’t discover stranded in the barren region treasure Dominic Greene.

CUL_Map_007_Casino de Monte Carlo
Stanley Bielecki Movie Sequence/Getty

Casino de Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo, Monaco

What would Bond be with out a properly-fitting tuxedo and an extravagant on line casino? Focus on with the the same resort and on line casino the undercover agent did in both By no procedure Insist By no procedure But again (1983, Sean Connery) and GoldenEye (1995, Pierce Brosnan). High rollers can enter tournaments for Texas preserve’em, Roulette and Baccarat (a accepted of Bond’s) with prizes as much as 500,000 euros.

CUL_Map_007_Karnak in Egypt

Giza Pyramid Advanced

Giza, Egypt

The pyramids serve as a intellectual searching and eerily-lit backdrop for the execute of an informant by henchman, Jaws (the person with steel enamel) in The Judge Who Loved Me (1977). This iconic tourist destination initiate air Cairo did not need any attend from Bond to position it on the procedure, however followers can revel in the added bonus of exploring the procedure with this Roger Moore movie in thoughts.

CUL_Map_007_Florida, Key West
Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket/Getty

Ernest Hemingway Dwelling and Museum

Key West, Florida

Within the lesser-identified movie Licence to Abolish (1989) with Timothy Dalton, Bond chases his enemy to Mexico, with a stopover and rush-in alongside with his boss, M, in Key West. The building—identified for its magnificent architecture and the shut to 50 cats that dwell on-set up—was also the home of the author of Ernest Hemingway.

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