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AIPEF writes to PM Modi; urges now not to walk Electricity (Modification) Bill

Fresh Delhi: All India Energy Engineers Federation (AIPEF) has told Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bear in mind the objections raised by the stakeholders on Electricity (Modification) Bill 2020, and never to walk to develop the proposed adjustments in the legislation.

The AIPEF has demanded to ship the Bill to a take out committee for scrutiny.

“AIPEF has told the Prime Minister to address the objections of all stakeholders and never to walk the Electricity (Modification) Bill 2020,” an AIPEF assertion said.

In preserving with the assertion, the AIPEF has written to the Prime Minister that the authorities ought to waft into the revised draft indicating the amendments now integrated after the solutions made by 11 states and two union territories and other stakeholders.

They’re opposing the draft amendment Bill because it threatens to violate the foundations of cooperative federalism, it said.

The Centre is trying to appropriate to itself the sweeping powers, worthy to the detriment of the interest of the states, the physique said.

The states wretchedness that this can affect their free energy programmes and would work in opposition to the interest of farmers and poorer sections of the society, it said.

“Even specialists from the personal and authorities sector feel that the transfer of cash subsidy straight to farmers and domestic customers’ accounts would possibly maybe now not be practically skill as timely payments by the states can’t be ensured,” it said.

The authorities ought to tread cautiously on the draft amendment Bill. If passed, the potential sector would possibly maybe maybe be transferring from authorities preserve watch over to the fingers of the personal sector, it claimed.

As currently, the authorities’s views on privatisation, violation of the precept of cooperative federalism, suppose succor transfers, self ample functioning of articulate electricity regulatory commissions, and back door dictates below the guise of tariff coverage are extremely objectionable, it acknowledged.

An in-depth, commence-minded discussion is important and the centre ought to now not walk thru passing the Bill and will possess a structured roadmap to bridge the gaps, it demanded.

In case the Bill is launched in the Parliament, the Bill wishes to be despatched to the Standing Committee, it demanded.

The Standing Committee on energy of the Parliament mustn’t ever be bypassed below any conditions, it said.

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