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The song courses thru their veins indulge in freshly produced blood from a wholesome bone marrows. Alongside with his perfect-attempting releases, famed pen game and chameleonic deliveries all the map in which thru the final three years, one could possibly well argue that Peruzzi belongs in that elite class.

Whereas Peruzzi has the lamba of a more contemporary act, he has the soul of a 2000s Afro-pop enormous establish who bought fed by the 90’s and here’s proven by his dexterity and suppleness.

On April 9, 2020, he released the 20-track album titled, Rum N’ Boogie. It is a long way his fourth body of labor in below three years. The album represents the depths of Peruzzi’s skills, his dexterity and his flexibility. As distinguished as likely, he also tries to showcase with the quite a lot of, nigh experimental range of song on the album.

In varied phrases, ‘Rum & Boogie’ could possibly well no longer just be an Afro-pop album, the density of this sonic/sound/trend mixing/experimentation screams ‘Hyperpop.’

Across the album, Peruzzi explores avant-garde genres indulge in Mambo on ‘Telepot,’ Konto on ‘Girlie,’ Folks on ‘Baddest’ and Reggae-Fusion on ‘God Forbid.’ Even on a pop tale indulge in ‘Somebody Child,’ production parts a particular bass Arpeggio.

Moreover commendably, ‘Juba’ represents yet one other spectacular album intro by Peruzzi, following the spectacular ‘Destiny,’ which opened Peruzzi’s debut album, Huncho Vibez.

Peruzzi then deserves commendation for a share of factor that most other folks will fail to see. ‘Ogle Admire’ is driven by Peruzzi’s “[refusing] to Shalaye” and “Shalaye” is basically the well-known observe that was said on the following track, ‘Somebody Child.’

Whereas the foregoing is a credit to Peruzzi’s adaptability, it also presents Peruzzi as a 2000s act in a 2010s/2020s panorama, and it feels indulge in a mismatch.

Rum vs. Boogie = ?

The big sonic range of this album is because of the Peruzzi’s must particular his inside of fabric as an artist.

Describing the album to Cuppy on Africa Now, off Apple Song, Peruzzi says that, “The rum part is for indulge in every the emotional songs, the love songs and stuff. After which, the boogie part is in general what other folks fill no longer considered me fill sooner than, indulge in me attempting new things. Your up tempo days all of the formulation straight to the membership.”

Basically the well-known 10 tracks symbolize the ‘Rum’ while the final 10 tracks symbolize the ‘Boogie.’ The album title will seemingly be a play on ‘R&B,’ as an big trend.

Across the album, Peruzzi also continues to work on his mainstream appeal. Whereas he sang more in Igbo for the duration of 2020, this album sees him state in a quantity of Yoruba. He even infuses Fuji influences on the easy-amazing ‘Coloration‘ featuring Setup.

He strategically uses a quantity of Christian references in a nation with a excessive religious leaning and also employs honest lamba/shepeteri vitality on the spectacular ‘Name.’

On the different hand, the album in most cases veers a long way from welcome experimentation into the land of an over-saturation. Whereas ‘Rum & Boogie’ has no melancholy records, it has slightly the excessive depend of throwaway records – namely on the Rum aspect.

With critical Afro-Rental/Amapiano influences, the Boogie aspect contains some capacity bangers, seldom has any skips and it will light fill been all of the album, with the addition of records indulge in ‘Juba,‘Somebody Child,’ ‘Ogle Admire’ and ‘Matrimony’ from the ‘Rum’ aspect.

Peruzzi gets inspired from his fellow artists on some tracks. On ‘Telepot’ and ‘Coloration,’ he introduces himself as “Wa wa wa,” a chant that’s odd to MAVIN act, Crayon. The adlibs on ‘Coloration’ are also borrowed from ‘Ladies’ by Falz. On the different hand, ‘Kalakuta’ cried for a verse from Prettyboy D-O or Blaqbonez.

Final Suggestions

Whereas the scale of this album – which stands at 20 tracks/one hour and two minutes – will seemingly be a streaming technique/ploy for numbers, the album is light too prolonged.

Extra importantly, Peruzzi’s skills and his fixed quality requires higher PR and reimagined establish identity. He recovered from the negative PR along with his rebirth on droll skits, now he desires that stage of creativeness to endear himself to the Nigerian mainstream.

Over the final three years, Peruzzi has produced around five or six tracks that could possibly well perchance fill been groundbreaking hits, but they never bought there. It methodology something is execrable somewhere.

On ‘Rum & Boogie,’ he’s produced one other selection of capacity break hits, but he desires to reimagine his technique and bag his fingers dirty. Once more, his stage of skills deserves those break hits. DJ, abeg knack ‘Readily accessible,’ salvage boys groove.

Ratings: /10

• 0-1.9: Flop

• 2.0-3.9: Come drop

• 4.0-5.9: Common

• 6.0-7.9: Victory

• 8.0-10: Champion

Pulse Rating: /10

Album Sequencing: 1.5/2

Songwriting and Topics: 1.6/2

Manufacturing: 1.4/2

Enjoyability and Delight: 1.3/2

Execution: 1.2/2


7.0 – Victory

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