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Ancestral Archeology: Nina Pixel & Adrián Kriška on constructing twenty first century folklore

The duo discuss the inspirations within the assist of their unique AV show at Lunchmeat Competition 2020.

Ancestral Archeology is an AV mission created by Berlin-primarily primarily based producer Nina Pixel and visual artist Adrián Kriška. The show, which draws inspiration from Slovakian folklore, received its world premiere at Prague’s Nationwide Gallery as section of Lunchmeat Competition 2020.

On this video, the duo consult with Truth about the weak devices broken-down within the composition of the tune, to boot to the cultural and visual inspirations within the assist of the show and how it draws on feminist and uncommon kinds of folklore.

“The concept that of the mission is to present replace story to the classical folklore story, which is given in most cases to us,” Pixel says. “It’s time to exchange the story and absorb this empty situation of this vogue of folklore.”

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