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be soundless! Pure Loop 360 AIO Evaluation

The most contemporary and arguably most hirsute member of the bit-tech overview group, Andy Makin, locations his cooling abilities to comely exercise by taking an in-depth watch at the be soundless! Pure Loop 360 all-in-one cooler. Are beards fundamental to characteristic on bit-tech? No, but they indisputably abet!

Andy is a favored resolve in the bit-tech neighborhood and Discord channel, so for his first video – in actual fact one of many, we hope – he brings his queer blend of insight and humour to the overview canvas. 

Equipped with a 360mm radiator and sporting an spell binding stock up port, be soundless! affords sleek aesthetics by racy the pump additional along the sleeved tubes. Peek the beefy video to uncover what Andy thinks of be soundless!’s £120 cooler.

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