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‘Bigg Boss 4’ first big war started between contestants on day two itself

The ‘Bigg Boss 4’ hosted by Kamal Haasan started airing from Sunday on Vijay TV and the first day went on with a lot of enjoyable parts that eager Aranthangi Nisha, Ramya Pandian, Samyuktha Karthik, Gabriella, Rio Raj and Sanam Shetty. Shivani Narayanan became the one who became a shrimp bit aloof and showed indicators of being a controversial figure.

Nonetheless day two of ‘Bigg Boss 4’ promos show that the first big war has started between two no longer going celebrities on the show. Anitha Sampath accused Suresh Chakravarthi of degrading newsreaders telling her that they spray saliva while talking and that’s the reason why he avoids them.

Having started her profession as a newsreader Anitha took offence and complained to every person about Suresh who denied asserting that. When Anitha urged that a “Kurumpadam” (Short movie) will show who’s talking the truth, Suresh hit assist that he is ready to face even a gigantic movie.

The promo of this day’s ‘Bigg Boss 4’ displays that it appears to be like to own taken a lot of effort from Rekha an the others to drag Anitha and Suresh from the war. We are succesful of ought to wait how this performs out when the episode runs at 9.30pm.

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