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Rishi Sunak has cancelled his upcoming finances after a surge in fresh coronavirus conditions forced the raise in fresh restrictions seemingly lasting six months, placing the chancellor below intense stress to produce financial abet to affected agencies and people.

As Mr Sunak prepares to construct out fresh fortify on Thursday, Boris Johnson has been accused of main the UK into “one other iciness of discontent” amid fears of mass unemployment and a failing coronavirus attempting out plan.

It came as Michael Gove printed that police will patrol the Kent border to flip away lorries with out an “fetch entry to enable” in a repeat to ease Brexit border chaos. The Cupboard minister confirmed a leaked letter that acknowledged the govt.predicted a no-deal worst case difficulty of 7,000-truck-long queues with as a lot as 2 days of delays.

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Kate Ng23 September 2020 08: 06


7,000-truck-long queues predicted in Brexit worst case difficulty

Brexit can lead to 7,000-truck-long queues in Kent after the transition period if hauliers fail to prepare for changes to customs rule, a letter from Cupboard minister Michael Gove has warned.

The Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, who’s to blame for no-deal planning, has written to logistics associations with the govt.s “life like worst-case difficulty” planning, which warns of the likelihood of two-day delays for cargo travelling to France in January.

The letter, viewed by PA news agency, states that in the Cupboard Office’s life like worst-case difficulty, between 30 to 50 per cent of vehicles crossing the Channel might possibly per chance well no longer be ready for the fresh rules coming into power on 1 January 2021.

It also says that a “lack of skill to take unready vehicles at French ports” might possibly per chance well also cleave the circulation of visitors across the strait to 60 to 80 per cent of fashionable phases.

“This might possibly per chance per chance well also lead to maximum queues of 7,000 port sure vehicles in Kent and linked maximum delays of as a lot as 2 days,” acknowledged the documents.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 08: 21


Executive defeated in Lords over publish-Brexit meals standards

The govt. has been closely defeated in the Lords over a foul-celebration bolt to guarantee high meals standards publish-Brexit, document my colleagues Trevor Mason and Prick Lester.

Chums backed by a majority of 95 a alternate to the Agriculture Bill geared toward blocking off the import of foodstuffs produced overseas at decrease animal welfare standards.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 08: 23


Military to ‘backfill’ police forces for the period of elevated coronavirus restrictions, says Dominic Raab

The foreign secretary has clarified that the Military would be ancient to “backfill” police forces in speak to free up officers as coronavirus restrictions are tightened.

Talking to BBC Breakfast, Mr Raab acknowledged: “Because the police magnify among the enforcement… to be particular we’ve obtained consistent adherence and compliance with the guidance, the navy, the militia, will be there to backfill – to free up any skill that is well-known.

“I don’t mediate that is comparatively the recommendation from Jon Ashworth or others that they’re going to be out patrolling the streets.”

His explanation comes after Boris Johnson claimed in a televised take care of on Tuesday that the govt.would “employ the navy if obligatory” to enforce the constraints.

Shadow health secretary Jonathan Ashworth advised LBC Radio he would fortify a resolution to deploy the navy to abet with the UK’s pandemic response if it helped the contact tracing plan.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 08: 43


Rishi Sunak brooding about German-vogue wage subsidies to interchange furlough draw – document

Rishi Sunak plans to total the furlough draw in October(PA)

The chancellor is reportedly brooding about an emergency fortify bundle to abet agencies by the 2d wave of coronavirus, which can per chance per chance well also merely embody German-vogue wage subsidies to interchange the furlough draw.

Because the furlough draw is as a result of total next month, enterprise and industry teams had been piling stress on the introduce further measures to be particular agencies can stay afloat as lockdown restrictions tighten.

Sources from enterprise and industry advised the newspaper the Treasury decided to extend an announcement due on Wednesday, by which Rishi Sunak used to be anticipated to substantiate the extension of four govt-backed mortgage guarantee schemes till November.

On the other hand it’s miles believed that Mr Sunak is utilizing the extend to attain support up with a wider fortify bundle following the prime minister’s announcement of harder restrictions to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 08: 53


What are the principle factors in Boris Johnson’s fresh restrictions for England?

The prime minister presented a raft of latest coronavirus restrictions for England that might possibly per chance well also final for six months, in a repeat to curb the rising spread of Covid-19.

Samuel Osborne breaks down the principle changes in Mr Johnson’s announcement on Tuesday evening:

Kate Ng23 September 2020 09: 11


Boris Johnson wins over Tory rebels on Brexit agreement-breaking powers

Lawmakers like backed changes to the Interior Market Bill, bringing the prime minister a step closer to gaining parliamentary acclaim for fresh powers to interrupt the Brexit Withdrawal Settlement.

Boris Johnson outlines fresh coronavirus principles(PA)

The bill targets to be particular Britain’s four nations can substitute freely with every other publish-Brexit, but critics like acknowledged this requires breaking the EU exit treaty to provide protection to Northern Ireland unless discussions with Brussels fetch a leap forward.

Stress from Tory backbenchers who rebelled towards the bill forced Mr Johnson to agree to amend the bill in speak to provide MPs a vote ahead of the govt.can employ powers that might breach the Withdrawal Settlement, which used to be struck with the EU final twelve months.

The compromise amendment used to be supported in the Commons with out the necessity for a formal vote.

Regardless of disapproval from some in the Conservative Occasion, including extinct prime minister Theresa Might possibly per chance well, the bill now passes to the relaxation phases of approval in parliament’s decrease chamber, which is in a plight to happen next week.

Following that, the bill faces two months of scrutiny in the upper chamber, where many like expressed concerns about the bill and might possibly per chance well merely strive to strip the contentious powers out of it.

However any changes would might possibly per chance well also merely silent be accredited by each and every chambers and might possibly per chance well merely lead to an impasse.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 09: 46


UK might possibly per chance well also face 2d nationwide lockdown if fresh restrictions are flouted, says Dominic Raab

The Foreign Secretary has warned that folk in the UK might possibly per chance well also like a 2d nationwide lockdown imposed on them if the fresh coronavirus restrictions presented the day old to this are flouted.

Dominic Raab acknowledged restrictions such as these imposed in March might possibly per chance well also merely no longer be obligatory at Christmas if “all and sundry plays by the foundations”.

He advised Sky Recordsdata: “Let’s hope we can fetch by the iciness months if we win these measures and if all and sundry plays by the foundations, and we lumber into Christmas no longer desiring to enter that nationwide lockdown with your complete impact on society and families but additionally the injury it would build to agencies.”

If further measures are required, they are going to be “more intrusive”, he added, and Britain might possibly per chance well also “prove in a nationwide lockdown”.

“That’s what we would like to take a ways off from.”

Kate Ng23 September 2020 10: 08


How Keir Starmer broke decisively with Corbyn’s legacy

Keir Starmer has moved on from his predecessor with surprising stealth and lag, but with out even mentioning Jeremy Corbyn’s identify, writes our Chief Political Commentator, John Rentoul.

Kate Ng23 September 2020 10: 15


Boris Johnson repeating ‘mistake’ by no longer going a ways ample with restrictions, says govt consultant

One of Downing Aspect freeway’s prime scientific advisors has criticised Boris Johnson’s govt and acknowledged it’s no longer learning from its mistakes by failing to win worrying ample bolt to extinguish the spread of coronavirus.

Professor John Edmunds, a member of the govt.s Scientific Advisory Personnel for Emergencies (Epic), acknowledged bolt used to be no longer taken instant ample support in March and Mr Johnson is ready to repeat that “mistake”.

My colleague Adam Forrest experiences:

Kate Ng23 September 2020 10: 51

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