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Can Anti-KOL Guo Laoshi Relieve Luxurious Producers In China?

The no longer in reality KOL Guo Laoshi is largely the latest focal point in Jing Day-after-day’s new series, Gen-Z Glance, which reports on the booming Gen-Z luxury user in China. The series analyzes microtrends, styles, and movements that are contributing to the empowerment of younger Chinese model communities.


Guo Laoshi/Guo Yan Guo Yu(郭老师/郭言郭语)

In regards to the model: 

An unpredictable center-worn girl is no longer who you might per chance presumably presumably request to be a success over Gen-Z audiences in China, however that’s what China’s latest hit influencer, Guo Laoshi, is doing on the quick video platforms Kuaishou and Douyin. In difference to mainstream KOLs, who fragment standard of living speak or trending photography, Guo is making a title for herself with her unpredictable onscreen conduct, which contains burping and loud cursing. A conventional Guo livestream might characteristic her quietly playing meals one minute whereas screaming the next.

Unusually ample, her unruly conduct has resulted in a cult following. Guo Laoshi’s blended followers on Douyin, Kuaishou, and Weibo are upward of 13 million, and views on her connected Douyin hashtags in the in the interim whole 3 billion. Netizens coined the duration of time, Guo Yan Guo Yu, which intention “Guo language,” to checklist her invented dictionary. Guo has also popularized catchphrases luxuriate in Ji Mei, an altered fabricate of the Chinese observe for “sister” and Mi Hotel, her strange pronunciation of the Chinese observe for “kiwi.” These phrases become some of basically the most current buzzwords of 2020 and are referenced by celebrities. They bear got even led to fan art and homage videos, including person that imitates her eating a kiwi.


Netizens coined the duration of time, “Guo Yan Guo Yu” (Guo language), to checklist Guo’s invented words. Source: Youtube

Extra context:

Web tradition is an increasing form of dominating mainstream media, which has resulted in Chinese Gen Zs rejecting historical entertainment and embracing what they duration of time “tastelessly-flavored” (土味) speak. To them, tasteless videos are a fabricate of self-expression referencing less developed parts of rural China. These rural developments, such because the “spirit boy” model style and the Kuaishou livestreamer Giao Ge, who went viral for his videos documenting quirky conduct in the nation-train, bear all contributed to the tasteless sphere.

Many netizens attribute this tasteless phenomenon to Kuaishou’s main person demographic, which is on the total from third, fourth, and even lower-tier cities. Yet, viewers of this speak in actual fact extend beyond geographical boundaries. Basically based on statistics from the China Web Community Knowledge Heart, rural netizens finest memoir for a shrimp segment of the total replacement of Web users. Indeed, a huge segment of the target market that follows tasteless videos is white-collar netizens in first or second-tier cities, who make a choice into consideration them “irregular and thrilling.”


Chinese Gen Zers are rejecting historical entertainment and embracing what they duration of time “tastelessly-flavored” (土味) speak. Source:

The Gen-Z verdict:

On the total, Gen-Z opinions on Guo Laoshi were sure, with many Guo fans complimenting her raw and precise conduct, unconventional creativity, and simple humor. However, luxuriate in many influencers in China, she is no longer with out criticism, and dissenting voices are noticeable. On the Chinese query-and-answer online page, many users claimed Guo Laoshi would produce “something for consideration” and is a destructive influence on younger minds.

Guo’s strange brand of humor completely works on some folks, although the enchantment is no longer instantaneous. A 22-three hundred and sixty five days-former Douyin-watcher reported anonymously that Guo Laoshi become once a persona he had a onerous time working out in the initiating. “I become once against her speak in the initiating as a consequence of everyone round me become once talking nonstop about her, however now I tag her humor. She’s strange and goofy, and her memes bear a brainwashing elevate out.”

How luxury producers might peaceful reach the model:

Quirky speak is an efficient-fire reach for fogeys to stand out on-line. However to change into a KOL with both a huge-scale following and sales-connected speak requires teamwork and skilled administration. No topic a huge following as a result of her unpredictability, constant controversies, and a capability to bear well-liked memes, Guo Laoshi no longer too lengthy in the past acknowledged that she is no longer livestreaming to build money and has no longer been supported by businesses. In truth, she has tried her luck at sales however become once unsuccessful (she finest made ten sales all the intention via one livestream.) Though many netizens learned her lack of success in e-commerce to be shining, consultants imagine this might per chance moreover be attributed to the strange traits of China’s e-commerce ecosystem.

Basically based on Leo Chen, a marketing manager with the digital transformation company Oxygen, self-supporting KOLs luxuriate in Guo produce no longer on the total bear accumulate entry to to e-commerce sources, that might bear added to Guo’s sales points. “The crew at the attend of a KOL desires to barter with producers, utilize merchandise, and address livestreams,” Chen acknowledged. Subsequently, companies must acknowledge that attempting e-commerce might presumably be beyond some particular person KOL’s workload, and participating with them might no longer produce the desired outcomes.


Bilibili labored with influencer Chunsheng Huang, who went viral for his nonsensical catchphrase “Aoligei” (奥利给) and tasteless humor. Source:

Chen urged that producers who desire to mission a serious and industry-oriented characterize might peaceful steer a long way from unorthodox livestreamers luxuriate in Guo. If labels produce desire to collaborate with these unconventional ambassadors, they are going to emphasize the KOL’s legitimate traits of their campaigns. Bilibili portrayed tasteless influencer Chunsheng Huang in a viral video as a hardworking and sure particular person despite his humble background. Producers might peaceful build in thoughts Bilibili’s success in overturning tasteless influencer expectations. Even so, companies must first search for their targets and align them relatively with KOLs. In spite of all the pieces, shaping a mutually in reality helpful campaign is a soft course of.

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