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Cease chilly with clay tiles

One of essentially the most ubiquitous architectural parts all over the sphere is the clay roof tile. Clay tiles have a ancient previous dating advantage to the Neolithic Age. They were first used as roofing in China and then within the Heart East. Shortly after, the use of the clay tile for roofing step by step spread for the length of the sphere. The topic materials has been viewed as an integral fragment of architecture for hundreds of years and in many cultures, clay roof tiles carry with them a sense of timelessness and tradition.

In India, the distinguished clay tile factory was space up in Mangalore in 1860. Called ‘Mangalore tiles’, these were manufactured from the onerous laterite clay readily available within the condo and grew to develop into original for his or her shade, shape and quality. The deep crimson shade of the tile is attributable to the excessive iron divulge within the clay used.

There are just a few advantages of the usage of clay roof tiles. Right here are about a of their myriad advantages:


When put in because it’ll be, they could well well have a lifespan of virtually 75 years, making it a sturdy and sturdy building subject materials. Being modular, they have minimal upkeep requirements and within the case of any be troubled most attention-grabbing the affected tiles on the whole require replace.


Available in several shapes, colours and sizes, clay tiles are testimony to the a lot of regional soil kinds and the power of artisans. The assorted shapes were derived from the more than just a few programs of installation. These originate of are: flat tiles, pot tiles (bent and handmade), pan tiles (an just like pot tiles however vary within the job, and are broadly used in villages), S-shaped tiles (Allahabad tiles), and loads others. Besides these, clay tiles also provide opportunities for customisation to suit assorted roof shapes.

Assorted colours can even be introduced out within the tiles for the duration of the firing job as warmth ends in chemical changes that can alter shade. The tiles is also glazed to originate varied colours assorted than the natural unglazed terracotta, constructing a distinct swish.

Environmental sustainability

Insulation: Due to the the undulating shapes of these tiles, they allow for continuous airflow, ensuring the residing beneath is chilly, thereby reducing our reliance on air con.

Recyclability: A clay tile is 100% recyclable. It could possibly well well also be beaten and re-launched into tile production. Or, if properly salvaged, they’ll also be reused as roof tile.

Responsible manufacturing job: As much as the moment advances in tile manufacturing are starting up to utilize into yarn environmental sensitivity where production shatter is re-launched into the manufacturing job and production makes use of water captured and recycled advantage into the job, thus stopping pollution.

Eyes on solar

This day, solar roof tiles are starting up to develop into original. These are solar panels that can well presumably match into the frames of clay tiles, serving as building built-in photovoltaic programs.

By sourcing raw supplies responsibly and the usage of environmentally sensitive manufacturing processes, clay tiles can even be one in all essentially the most sustainable building supplies readily available these days that can well presumably also help native artisans and produce out our unprecedented regional diversity.

The author is the founder of Inexperienced Evolution, a sustainable architecture firm

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