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CHP investigates suspected ciguatoxin poisoning case

CHP investigates suspected ciguatoxin poisoning case

     The Centre for Smartly being Safety (CHP) of the Department of Smartly being is this day (April 7) investigating a suspected ciguatoxin poisoning case affecting two americans.

     The case contains two females, gentle 34 and 66 respectively, who developed symptoms of ciguatoxin poisoning together with belly effort and diarrhoea about six to seven hours after ingesting a marine fish for dinner at dwelling on April 5. The latter affected person additionally developed perioral numbness and attended the Accident and Emergency Department of Kwong Wah Smartly being facility the subsequent day. She used to be admitted for additional management. Each and each patients are in a stable situation.


     Preliminary enquiries printed that the fish consumed used to be equipped from a fish stall in Yeung Uk Avenue Market, Tsuen Wan, on April 4.

     “We now accept as true with got instructed the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the incident and investigations are ongoing,” a spokesman for the CHP said.

     Ciguatera fish poisoning is no longer uncommon in tropical areas. It is mainly associated with the consumption of substantial coral reef fish which accept as true with accrued the toxin in the physique, in particular in internal organs, by eating diminutive fish that consumed toxic algae in coral reef seas.


     The next fish is attributable to this truth extra at probability of raise elevated quantities of the toxin. However, it’s now not easy to record from the appearance of the fish whether or no longer it contains the toxin.


     Of us affected could perhaps well presumably accept as true with symptoms of numbness of the mouth and limbs, vomiting, diarrhoea, alternating sensations of coldness and hotness, and effort in the joints and muscular tissues.


     “Most folks plagued by ciguatoxin will enhance with out prolonged-time frame health outcomes, however if shocking toxins are consumed, the circulatory and anxious systems would be affected. The toxin can no longer be destroyed by cooking,” the spokesman said.


     To forestall ciguatera fish poisoning, the general public need to:

• Spend much less coral reef fish;

• Spend diminutive quantities of coral reef fish at any meal and defend away from having a complete fish feast by which all dishes come from the identical substantial coral reef fish;

• Steer clear of eating the head, pores and skin, intestines and roe of coral reef fish, which most steadily accept as true with a elevated concentration of toxins;

• When eating coral reef fish, defend away from ingesting alcohol, peanuts or beans as they could perhaps well presumably worsen ciguatoxin poisoning;

• Stare scientific treatment at the moment need to symptoms of ciguatoxin fish poisoning appear; and

• Coral reef fish needs to be purchased from respected and licensed seafood outlets. Invent no longer resolve the fish when the source is uncertain.

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