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CM Radio - May 20, 2015 - Best of CMW, Pt. 2 - In-Flight Safety & More

Better of CMW, Pt. 2 – In-Flight Safety & More

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  • For the first time in a truly long time, or no longer it is both Mike and Andrew at the mic taking you via this week’s episode. It’s moreover the second of three “Better of CMW” episodes, this one focusing on one of the well-known most indie rockers we caught up with for the length of this year’s festival. Our pal Katlyn speaks with Montreal dream pop trio Caveboy and 2015 ECMA Album of the Year winners In-Flight Safety while Mike sits down with Saskatoon’s Gradual Down Molasses and Erin Benjamin of Live Tune Canada. Plus, we are going to moreover hear the music “Smile” from Moncton’s Commence Strum in our Canadian Spotlight. Test again next week for the last CMW installment, featuring the likes of Palaye Royale, Virginia to Vegas, and more.

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