Coronavirus Australia news: Victoria data four deaths and 303 contemporary instances, Daniel Andrews urges of us in regional areas to salvage COVID-19 take a look at

That will most most likely be enthusiastic on the blog tonight

That will most most likely be enthusiastic on the blog this evening pals. 

These days, Victoria instruct 303 instances and 4 deaths. 

There had been 9 contemporary instances in NSW. 

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We might maybe be again again the next day to bring you essentially the latest coronavirus news and updates. 

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Breakdown on Victoria’s 10 most affected frail care homes

204 instances were linked to Epping Gardens Former Care

 –     Resident instances – 97

 –     Staff case – 79

 –     Contact instances – 28


190 instances were linked to St Basil’s Properties for the Former in Victoria

 –     Resident instances – 92

 –     Staff case – 71

 –     Contact instances – 27


155 instances were linked to Estia Former Care Facility Ardeer

 –     Resident instances – 50

 –     Staff case – 76

 –     Contact instances – 29


130 instances were linked to Kirkbrae Presbyterian Properties Kilsyth

 –     Resident instances – 54

 –     Staff case – 51

 –     Contact instances – 25


124 instances were linked to Baptcare Wyndham Resort Neighborhood Werribee

 –     Resident instances – 57

 –     Staff case – 52

 –     Contact instances – 15


108 instances were linked to Outlook Gardens Former Care Dandenong North

 –     Resident instances – 40

 –     Staff case – 56

 –     Contact instances – 12


101 instances were linked to Estia Former Care Heidelberg

 –     Resident instances – 27

 –     Staff case – 54

 –     Contact instances – 20


93 instances were linked to Twin Parks Former Care in Resevoir

 –     Resident instances – 57

 –     Staff case – 33

 –     Contact instances – 3


91 instances were linked to Arcare Former Care Craigieburn

 –     Resident instances – 36

 –     Staff case – 34

 –     Contact instances – 21


83 instances were linked to Glendale Former Care Facility

 –     Resident instances – 41

 –     Staff case – 28

 –     Contact instances – 14

How is Hawaii doing?

Arvo Mick, Attain you’ve any data on Hawaii? They had been going good enough but I’m constantly disquieted in regards to the Hawaiian pals we now possess made.


True afternoon blog friend. 

I will uncover you that Hawaii has recorded 4,543 instances as of 12: 00pm Friday, local time. 

Of these, 233 had been reported as contemporary instances. 

The huge majority of the instances — 4117 — were reported in Honolulu County.

Am I breaking Melbourne’s COVID-19 regulation?

Howdy Mick, A friend has factual told me I will also very successfully be by accident breaking the lockdown rules in Melbourne?! Please again me account for, can my daughter near with me within the auto to the grocery store but finest I am going in and she stays within the auto the complete time?? She was stood down in March sooner than being made redundant in June and has been struggling mentally, rarely ever ready to head away the residence and was loving factual being ready to head someplace and enjoyed sitting within the auto.


Howdy Debbie.

I will no longer uncover you definitively if that is in opposition to the rules or no longer.

The finest I will fabricate is inform you the the wording on the DHHS net order:

Perfect one particular person per household can scuttle away dwelling to salvage predominant goods and providers. They’ll scuttle away once a day, which manner of us can no longer fabricate quite a lot of looking journeys. You may well perchance maybe maybe also composed restrict the time you use some distance from dwelling. Even as you happen to might very successfully be unable to head away a bit of one, younger of us or a particular person on your care at dwelling unattended, then they might perchance perchance accompany you.

 Perfect wishes. 

Governments face criticism over frail care residents clogging up Melbourne hospitals


The head training organisation for specialist emergency personnel in Australia has known as for a coordinated concept to movement non-serious elderly patients out of hospitals, that are reaching ability.


The Australasian College for Emergency Treatment (ACEM) raised concerns earlier on Saturday that frail care residents who had been recovering from coronavirus, or no longer sick to launch with, had nowhere to head and had been taking on recommended sources in Melbourne hospitals.


The coronavirus crisis in frail care has viewed some homes evacuated in latest weeks with all residents moved to hospitals.


ACEM president John Bonning known as for a national technique to retain frail care patients out of hospitals as worthy as imaginable, announcing the backlog manner folks that fabricate need medication can no longer constantly win it.


“We have got got a gigantic number of examples this day, in emergency departments in Melbourne, of patients waiting more than 24 hours in ED for beds,” Dr Bonning said.


“If truth be told, I was mindful of one specific patient that had been expecting 60 hours for a bed.”


These days, the Premier said he revered that folk would possess diverse opinions on how most efficient to handle the crisis in frail care, but said the order had cancelled optional surgeries to liberate ability in hospitals.


“I’m no longer going to put someone that’s in a health center bed again into an frail care bed unless I’m 100 per cent overjoyed that that system can provide for them,” Mr Andrews said.


Some households of family members in St Basil’s frail care dwelling in Fawkner possess said they fabricate no longer need their fogeys and grandparents returning to the residence even when they are successfully consequently of allegations of mistreatment within the residence.

COVID fines in Victoria

Haw many $5000 fines has the Victoria Police issied within the last 24 hours?

-Pauline Gillies

I will no longer solution your instruct search info from. 

But what I will uncover you is that Victoria Police possess issued 223 fines within the previous 24 hours to of us breaching the coronavirus restrictions.

This involves 27 of us that failed to put on a disguise or face protecting when leaving dwelling and 87 fines issued to of us breaching curfew, which applies from 8: 00pm to 5: 00am each night in metropolitan Melbourne.

WORLD NEWS: South Korea fears infections are racing out of retain an eye on


Fresh coronavirus instances in South Korea possess reached the absolute most sensible diploma in five months and authorities terror infections are getting out of retain an eye on within the Seoul situation, which is dwelling to half of of the nation’s 51 million of us.

Officials reported 166 newly confirmed instances on Saturday.

That was the absolute most sensible since March 11, when South Korea reported 242 amid an early outbreak.

With 103 contemporary instances reported on Friday, this was the first time since leisurely March that day to day will enhance possess surpassed 100 for 2 days in a row.

Officials squawk all but 11 of the contemporary instances had been local transmissions and most had been within the Seoul residence.


What will happen if we are succesful of no longer sort a coronavirus vaccine? 

Even supposing there is a vaccine developed, is it imaginable that coronavirus will become a seasonal virus love the flu and there might well be a need for a recent vaccine each year? Will we salvage covid-20, covid-21, etc etc?



Many possess requested (in a technique or yet one more) what happens if we are succesful of no longer sort a vaccine?

Don’t omit to publish your inquiries to the blog this afternoon.

The put can I win a COVID-draw of Victoria

The put can I win a draw of Victoria, showing numbers of instances in each residence?Thanks


True afternoon Martin.

One other big search info from from our blog pals.

Victoria’s Chief Health Officer publishes a instruct online day by day. 

The draw you ogle is in these stories.

Genetic info about COVID-19 is being added to a world database to again scientists realize how it spreads.

How does genome checking out work?

How does Genome checking out work?


Sizable search info from Ken

My diploma in Journalism has unfortunately no longer exciting me for this search info from. 

But I fabricate possess the audio of an Australia expert who can order it for you.

The audio is within the publish above.

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The put and when can I win Tasmania’s results?

When fabricate you uncover Tassie’s day to day updates? Are you able to part please…

-Sending like to all people

True afternoon.

If and when Tasmania stories any instances it is doable so that you can to search out them here. 

One other commentary of thanks from our readers

I would favor to provide a cry out to St Vincent’s Care in Eltham where my mother, with developed Alzheimer’s illness, resides. Three weeks ago I got the dreaded phone call from the manager of the power to command me that a crew member had examined certain to coronavirus. I was told that whereas the crew member hadn’t been at work for per week sooner than checking out certain they’d with out a doubt seemed after mum the last shift they labored. As you can imagine this was a extremely anxious time for my family. I, then again, can no longer fault their handling of the topic. The power went into speedy lockdown with residents confined to their rooms. An epidemic team attended the next day and examined all residents and crew – the outcomes, which were all negative, had been again within 24 hours of the take a look at. The power remained in lockdown for the next two weeks sooner than a 2d round of checking out. Throughout this time I got a day to day phone call updating me on mum’s situation, the power also despatched a day to day instruct (through electronic mail and textual swear message) regarding the contemporary subject within the power. They nominated a family liaison officer who handled enquiries from family members and in addition coordinated phone and zoom calls with residents. The procedure in which of life team people supplied day to day actions for residents in their rooms. The 2d round of take a look at results came again earlier this week and had been again all negative. Fortunately with mum’s dementia she has been oblivious to coronavirus and whereas this might occasionally continue to be anxious time for me (because it is with us all a technique or yet one more!) I’m grateful for the crew at St Vincent’s Care Companies – Eltham for taking big care of mum.

-Former Care – or no longer it is no longer all inappropriate.

South Australia data zero contemporary instances

There were no knew instances of COVID-19 recorded in South Australia. 

There are seven active instances within the order.

Any news from South Australia?

Any news from SA?


Now we possess no longer got any results from South Australia yet.

On the government net order it says results might well be published day by day round 5: 30pm local time. 

We can published the South Australia stats as soon as we now possess them. 

Charting the COVID-19 spread in Australia

The ABC Digital Story Innovation Crew were working tirelessly since the originate of this pandemic.


Their latest replace presentations how Victoria can also possess hit the pinnacle of the 2d wave. 

The put are we getting the WA figures from?

Howdy, I realize it is doubtless you’ll perchance very successfully be busy but if you happen to’ve got a moment, might you please uncover me what net order it is doubtless you’ll perchance very successfully be getting the WA numbers from – your complete ones I know haven’t as much as this level to this day yet. Thanks

-WA data

We are getting them from WA Government’s Department of Health net order. 

Australian Museum crowdsourcing net order DigiVol sees spike in volunteers all over COVID-19

Provided: Australian Museum

In some better news.

The coronavirus lockdown has had a routine homicide on the Australian Museum collections in Sydney.


While the doors had been shut and company had been now no longer ready to hunt for, squawk, a creepy crawly from 1929, the museum’s crowdsourcing net order DigiVol exploded with volunteers.


DigiVol was developed by the museum in collaboration with the Atlas Of Residing Australia to again it and other institutions worldwide digitise and analyse their collections.


Thousands of volunteers, or citizen scientists as they are once presently known as, possess recorded info about collections ranging from specimen labels and scientific paperwork to photos of animals captured by discipline cameras.


Since the rep order was launched in 2011, 4.4 million items from the museum and other institutions were analysed by volunteers.


Two million of those were submitted since March.

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