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Covid Carnival a no-no! | Letters to Editor |

Having played mas from age 18 to currently, and having accomplished so from Jouvert, Carnival Monday, Tuesday and closing lap, fete till soaking wet, supported and pushed pan for my favourite steelband at some stage in Panorama, and even serving as a Carnival mediate, I will acclaim I maintain mas-fever in meh body.

Therefore, the Downtown House owners and Retailers Association (DOMA) checklist of strategies for Covid Carnival is irrational, and speaks mainly to issues of retailers and retailer owners’ lack of income for 2021.

Imagine the next, as instructed:

• Three-foot-diameter costumes. Who shall be the mas makers, and what’s going to be the location on the mas camp?

• Transferring parade of reduced numbers. Who will comprise the viewers and where shall be the characteristic?

• Panorama judged on the transfer. What sequence of pannists, and supporters? And who will control or supervise the environment in the panyard?

• Originate-air calypso tent. What’s going to be the complement of the viewers, and how will the spew of saliva emitted into the ambiance be controlled?

The DOMA view contributes mainly to assemblies in mammoth numbers and lack of social distancing, that are contrary to the Covid-19 protocols outlined by our nation’s Ministry of Health. In the throes of the pandemic, with the natural exuberance and fun-loving nature of our of us, those strategies are impractical.

Perchance the citizenry might maybe per chance maybe explore the thought that of the “uncommon Carnival Covid masks” and the inhabitants would be judged by the roving judges, with prizes donated by DOMA, over the duration February 12 to 16, 2021.

What’s more well-known than life itself?

Why can’t we as a of us this year strive and just like the peacefulness of nature, devoid of the revelry?

Yes, there shall be losses from the industry. Folks of T&T, allow us to accept that the dearth of Carnival 2021 will redound to our income in methods that can no longer be imagined, particularly saving lives.

Therefore, it might maybe most likely per chance maybe well be ideal if DOMA counts its losses this year and dangle to the commentary, “It’d be madness to be speaking about Carnival in February… Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago in 2021 is no longer on.” —High Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Defend stable!

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