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CSS Container Queries in Web Diagram

Container Queries are one in all doubtlessly the most anticipated fresh parts in CSS. I only in the near previous received an opportunity to play with them somewhat to exhaust the fresh syntax for a scamper.

I came up with this demo of a book retailer. Every of the books is draggable and is also moved to at least one in all three sections, with a good deal of readily available in the market house. Reckoning on where it is a ways positioned, a quantity of sorts can be utilized to the book. The paunchy supply code is up on Codepen. Right here’s how it appears to be like to be like:

This demo currently most effective works in Chrome Canary. Download doubtlessly the most well-liked model, then enable Container Queries under chrome://flags to peep them in action.

Right here’s what’s occurring

Every of these books is a custom ingredient, or “web ingredient”. They each and each contain a veil describe, a title and an author. In markup they peep care for this:

<book-element color="#ba423d">

<img slot="cover" src="/books/1984.avif" alt="cover by shepard fairey" />

<span slot="title">1984span>

<span slot="author">George Orwellspan>


This then gets utilized to a template which defines the internal Shadow DOM of the ingredient. The ingredients in there’ll fetch modified by the accurate negate material we’re passing in.

<template id="book-template">


<article class="book">

<div class="front">

<slot name="cover">slot>


<div class="meta">

<h2 class="title"><slot name="title">slot>h2>

<p class="author"><slot name="author">slot>p>




Alright, nothing too esteem yet, correct sort some general construction.

The magic happens after we apply some internal styling to this. Everything inner that