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Customs seizes ₹3-crore price textiles smuggled to Bangladesh thru riverine route

The Customs has seized textiles price over ₹3 crore being smuggled to Bangladesh thru the riverine route of West Bengal. Six people bag moreover been arrested on this connection.

That is belief of as one of many splendid seizure in basically the most modern past, a liberate by the Union Finance Ministry said.

In step with particular intelligence, a fishing trawler used to be intercepted by the officers of the Commissionerate of Customs (Preventive) West Bengal, within the intervening evening of September 6 and September 7. The trawler used to be coming from Diamond Harbour against Sagar Island. On being seen it changed route and used to be sooner or later intercepted near Geonkhali, some 70 km from Kolkata.

Upon search of the trawler, various “incriminating documents along with identification cards of Bangladeshi and Indian nationals bag been found”. Cellphones with Bangladeshi SIM cards bag been moreover recovered.

“The persons on board the trawler bag been accomplishing smuggling of sarees and garments concealed in about 400 gunny luggage having a cost of ₹3.3 crore. Interrogation of arrested persons confirmed that the vessel used to be heading to spoiled over to Bangladesh with an draw to smuggle Indian goods to Bangladesh. Additional investigation within the subject is below route of,” the liberate mentioned.

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