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Dining News: Find To Know Puto Of us—The Attach That is All About The Traditional Filipino Kakanin

Dining News: Get To Know Puto People—The Brand That's All About The Classic Filipino Kakanin

Standard packaging encasing a tasty Filipino traditional. What’s not to fancy ?

Gabbie Rodriguez grew to alter into her hobby precise into a industry all the blueprint thru ECQ by founding Puto Of us. Overall, puto (veteran Filipino rice cake) is gentle, moist, chewy and never too dense. Its dough is sticky (as it can maybe quiet be), light and genuinely effectively-made! Their ube cheese puto is a unparalleled courageous violet coloration and has a gratifying touch of salt that comes from the cheese. The ube flavour comes thru particularly and enhances the cheese. On the different hand, the ube pandan cheese puto is honest as palatable in texture, nevertheless, the pandan flavour will be extra pronounced.

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She began her puto hurry due to the “puto used to be and quiet is my authorized snack rising up, which I win is such an underrated Filipino staple” Gabbie shares with me. Puto Of us prides themselves on the indisputable fact that their putos aren’t entirely palatable but made with out a man made colourings or preservatives, hence the immediate shelf existence. 

Potentialities can fetch from 5 strategies – Ube, Ube Pandan, Ube Cheese, Ube Pandan Cheese, and their entirely-selling numerous option. There are 14 to 15 bite-sized freshly baked putos that can maybe additionally be dropped at you internal a rose gold tin tied with Puto Of us’s signature red ribbon. 

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