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DPIIT to evaluate cabinet nod for multi-modal logistics hub, 2 industrial corridors

Contemporary Delhi: The commerce and industry ministry would study approval of the Union Cupboard for a multi-modal logistics hub at Increased Noida in Uttar Pradesh and two industrial areas in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in accordance with the DPIIT. These are section of diverse industrial hall initiatives being developed by the authorities below the Nationwide Industrial Corridor programme, which is geared against pattern of futuristic industrial cities in India.

As many as 11 such initiatives are being taken up and that encompass Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC), Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor (AKIC), Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (CBIC), Bengaluru Mumbai Industrial Corridor (BMIC), and Hyderabad Bengaluru Industrial Corridor (HBIC).

In response to the mask of the Division for Promotion of Business and Interior Switch (DPIIT), these initiatives are at diverse phases of implementation.

Below section-1, few initiatives are authorized and that encompass Dholera Particular Funding Problem below DMIC in Gujarat, Shendra Bidkin Industrial Problem below DMIC in Maharashtra, and Built-in Industrial Township Increased Noida in Uttar Pradesh (747.5 acres) below DMIC in Uttar Pradesh.

Built-in Multi-Modal Logistics Hub at Nangal Chaudhary in Haryana below the DMIC has been authorized by the CCEA (cabinet committee on economic affairs) and implementation is seemingly to be initiated rapidly, it said.

Below section 2, initiatives are within the developed stage of planning and implementation would be initiated by 2021.

“Krishnapatnam Industrial Problem (2,500 acres) in Andhra Pradesh is authorized by NICDIT (Nationwide Industrial Corridor Pattern and Implementation Belief (NICDIT) and approval from CCEA is being sought,” it added.

Equally, Tumakuru Industrial Problem (1,736 acres) in Karnataka below CBIC has been authorized by NICDIT and approval from CCEA is being sought.

For Multi-Modal Logistics Hub and Multi-Modal Transport Hub (1,208 acres) at Increased Noida in UP below DMIC, NICDIT has accorded its approval and CCEA approval is being sought, it added.

It moreover said that as section of the DMIC, for Dighi Port Industrial Problem (7,413 acres), activities pertaining to detailed master planning and preliminary engineering were done.

“Yelp authorities (s) were urged to transfer land to the venture SPVs for commencement of venture pattern activities or determine land for conducting the feasibility study as the case will seemingly be”.

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