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Duterte tells companies to publish crucial features of infra, irrigation initiatives in newspapers

Duterte tells companies to publish crucial features of infra, irrigation initiatives in newspapers

Alexis Romero ( – September 8, 2020 – 7: 29pm

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered companies to publish crucial features of infrastructure and irrigation initiatives, at the side of their reputation and a hit bidders, announcing it will help with detecting collusion among companies and contractors.

Duterte talked about the public deserves to know the arrangement critical the authorities would use for the initiatives and what corporations would undertake them.

“Kindly agree with just a few of the newspapers, the main ones… likely this can even furthermore be three pages prolonged, the initiatives of irrigation, Division of Public Works and Highways, transportation. Despite the indisputable truth that I develop no longer intervene with the work of secretaries, I must know the initiatives, the bidders… and the contractors who received the bidding,” he talked about throughout a public take care of delivered from Malacañang final Monday.

“Most likely it received’t exceed five pages. We are in a position to obtain (home). Correct discontinue a merry-toddle-spherical (among newspapers)… All of them. The of us can even restful know. You’re going to know the costs of initiatives undergoing bidding… the a hit bidders…so you’ll be in a position to be ready to peep for yourselves. That you simply may even toddle there and peep what roughly initiatives are being done. That’s the rule of thumb,” he added.

Duterte furthermore directed companies to publish a listing of done initiatives. The kind of list, the president claimed, would allow the public to name possible collusion among bidders and officials.

“I indubitably have a listing of these devils. Of us will know the estimated (payment of) initiatives, how critical is the a hit whine, to whom it became awarded to, and for the come critical.” he talked about.

“If it be a P50 million (mission), dinive mo ng P30 (million), can even konsabo ‘yan (You reduced it to P30 million, there’s collusion there). So what discontinue you quiz (from) a 30-million mission?”

Duterte talked about the publication of mission crucial features would help cease questionable deals.

“Something must be terribly dreadful there. That’s why you’ve got gotten a mission that it be the truth is no longer a mission but supposedly a mission but already bidded out and constructed and done. One more page for done initiatives,” the president talked about.

Slow final month, Duterte vowed to implement stricter procurement measures to make definite public funds received’t toddle to corruption. He suggested companies to protest all procurement plans even for little items love paper clips. 

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