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Entitled, privileged white man lectures woman that her views produce her ‘no longer qualified’ to sit down down on SCOTUS

So that is mansplaining? Lawful?

We don’t exactly know what the time-frame entails on this day and age but reasonably obvious if some frail, entitled, elected, white guy told Kagan or Sotomayer that their views made them no longer qualified to abet on SCOTUS the Left would burn extra structures down.

Coons is this kind of jacka*s. Sorry, no longer sorry:

Coons: Barrett has views that produce her no longer qualified to abet on the Supreme Court docket

— The Hill (@thehill) October 11, 2020

Her views produce her unqualified? Dispute what?

You point out love icky Christian ones?

— KarlaThere Had been NO Russians (@KLomiglio) October 11, 2020

Those icky Christians and Catholics. Psh.

The Structure would prefer a word.

— Scott Coleman (@bandphan) October 11, 2020


Coons: Barrett is just not the truth is an activist for my views, so she must not be confirmed.

— 6% Whiskey 🧡🧡🇺🇲 (@RetroWhiskey) October 11, 2020

Barrett doesn’t make stronger slaughtering the unborn so she shouldn’t abet on SCOTUS.

Love the muse that Congress and the Govt are the put authorized guidelines must be made, @ChrisCoons ?

— Jim Tunney (@JimTunney7) October 11, 2020

Coons furthermore thinks filling an empty Supreme Court docket seat is ‘courtroom packing’. Love most liberals, he’s no longer too entertaining

— J.E.B. Stuart’s Beard (@renz1266) October 11, 2020

Their speaking aspects went out.


Amy Covid Barrett must not ever lift one GOP feminine Senate vote, as successfully as just a few “others.”

— David L Gurbach (@GurbachDavid) October 11, 2020

Like all of these men telling a girl she can’t abet on SCOTUS.

Monumental innovative, lawful?

Lawful love Coons gaslighting on courtroom packing:

About a years within the past @ChrisCoons might possibly possibly the truth is be called a moderate. Antagonistic ending the filibuster, tried to withhold some sanity correct through Kavanaugh, and did bipartisan work.

Now he’s for ending the filibuster, and gaslighting on courtroom packing?! Unhappy to gaze.

— Matt Whitlock (@mattdizwhitlock) October 11, 2020

Unhappy but all too conventional.


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