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False news: Labour department won’t be making public payouts of R35 000

The Department of Employment and Labour has reiterated its warning to the general public to remain vigilant of a scam that continues to produce the rounds on social media, promising a payout of between R33 000 and R35 000. 

Scammers possess re-created a false Department of Employment and Labour net page the usage of the outmoded coat of palms designate, whereby they attach a demand to members of the general public to examine if their names appear on the list of folks that are entitled to withdraw funds.


The false news net page claims that “workers who possess labored between 1990 and 2020 possess the accurate to salvage R35 000 from the Department of Labour.”

“The Department of Employment and Labour has no longer asked someone to near abet forward to receive any of these benefits and won’t ever attain so in a intention that it is miles performed via this net page,” it stated in a press commence on 13 August.  

“The full benefits from the department are got by folks who possess labored for them or are entitled to receive them and are processed at its 125 locations of work that are spread all around the nation,” it added. 

When in doubt, members of the general public are told to consult with the Department of Employment and Labour Provincial Places of work or a nearest Labour Centre to behold data.

To legend any suspected criminal acts, members of the general public are requested to repeat the South African Police Carrier (SAPS); legend on the department’s fraud hotline number: 08600 22 194 or email – and or consult with the closest plan of enterprise of the department.


The Unemployment Insurance coverage Fund (UIF) has officially hit the magic figure of R40 billion in COVID-19 Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Blueprint disbursements to ease the misfortune of workers for the duration of the national lockdown.

The department, proud to possess delivered on a dedication of R40 billion, stated it also committed to an extension of the draw till 15 August because the trade of the catastrophe length. 

Minister of Employment and Labour Thulas Nxesi added that as phase of the agreement at NEDLAC, the UIF will open Monday 17 August to process the July and August claims while ensuring that the excellent April, Also can and June claims are also like a flash settled.

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