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Females with disabilities ‘groped and now not taken critically’

By Gemma Dunstan

BBC News

media captionFemales with disabilities “stressed and omitted”

“Females quiz if I need support and offer an arm to lisp me, men hold taken the opposite arm and groped me.”

Angharad Paget-Jones, 27, is severely visually impaired and said some men hold taken attend of her beneath the guise of being priceless.

ONS figures from 2018 command disabled ladies hold been nearly twice as more seemingly to hold experienced any sexual assault than non-disabled ladies.

Ms Paget-Jones said higher training was once desired to prevent this going down.

‘You may maybe maybe presumably additionally factual clutch her, she cannot behold you anyway’

image copyrightAngharad

image captionAngharad Paget-Jones said she has been touched without consent on extra than one occasions

Ms Paget-Jones, from Port Talbot, said she had been grabbed in public extra than one occasions while out with her facts canine Tudor, which has left her “feeling timid”.

She recalled one incident when she may maybe maybe additionally hear a team of boys saying, “you’ll want to maybe maybe additionally factual clutch her, she cannot behold you anyway”, which led her to divert right into a interior sight store for security.

“Disabled ladies don’t appear to be valued. We’re factual considered as vulnerable, but we’re now not. It be society that makes us vulnerable,” said Ms Paget-Jones.

She needs higher training about how folk with disabilities are focused and better enhance for those that develop sage points, as she said there had been occasions when she was once now not taken critically.

“I reported an incident to a security officer in a effectively-identified put collectively space in London and he factual told me my dress should always not hold been so low minimize.”

In characterize to elevate consciousness Angharad has been utilizing the hashtag #JustAskDontGrab on social media.

The hashtag and advertising campaign, which inspires folk to quiz folk with disabilities whether or now not they in actuality desire support, was once began by visually impaired activist and campaigner Dr Amy Kavanagh in 2018.

Angharad said the response to her tweets had been certain, then again “you constantly safe immoral with lawful” and “some men hold taken offence”.

One man told her, “if you happen to develop now not need support, we will factual imply you’ll want to maybe maybe have the selection to die”, she said.

‘He knew I could maybe maybe presumably now not dash wherever’

image captionAmy-Claire Davies said men behave in a completely different method in direction of her when she is out with a male carer

Amy-Claire Davies, 26, from Swansea, said she had had the same experiences.

She is a palliative care patient and has seizures from epilepsy alongside with extreme chronic pain.

“I was once in a nightclub with some pals in a manual wheelchair and a man saved coming over and making an strive to engage with me. I very clearly saved saying ‘no, dash away’,” she said.

“He waited unless my pals moved away. He knew I could maybe maybe presumably now not dash wherever. He came over and stuck his hand down my shirt.”

Slip away out Davies also said she had experienced being cat-referred to as and shouted at within the aspect road when she has been with a female carer, but now not when she is with a male carer, and being disabled can abet men to act inappropriately.

“If you hold got gotten a mobility abet or something that other folks can behold that makes you witness extra disabled, I reflect there are some those that will behold you as extra vulnerable and will earn attend of that,” she said.

She added that men hold a “very assorted skills” of being out in public even within the occasion that in addition they hold disabilities.

“A male ideal friend of mine said after a evening out why didn’t I factual wheel dwelling in my chair fairly than safe a taxi.

“It was once then that it form of blew my solutions of factual how assorted an skills he has to me, I’d by no device exit at evening on my own.

“We must hear to the voices of women in Wales to address this insist.”

In the three years ending March 2018, disabled ladies hold been nearly twice as more seemingly to hold experienced any sexual assault within the final year (5.7%) than non-disabled ladies (3%).

image copyrightFemales’s Reduction

image captionCharlotte Archibald, from Welsh Females’s Reduction, said ladies with disabilities hold been more seemingly to skills “extra frequent sexual harassment”

Charlotte Archibald, from Welsh Females’s Reduction, said compare by the charity showed those that are disabled hold the next probability of being focused and it was once “in actuality crucial harassment and abuse is talked about in characterize to substitute these incidents”.

She said: “We came throughout that girls in Wales with a disability veritably tend to skills extra frequent sexual harassment than non-disabled ladies.

“I reflect or now not it is some distance crucial that we realize that no girl experiences sexual harassment within the same device and that these experiences are generally intertwined with other kinds of abuse and discrimination.”

After listening to the experiences of Angharad and Amy-Claire, Ms Archibald said: “I reflect or now not it is negative to hear that’s the skills of these ladies, but sadly or now not it is now not also unexpected.

“The experiences of sexual harassment are very assorted for women who hold a disability.

“They develop now not generally hold the mechanisms to earn away themselves from those instances that one other girl may maybe maybe additionally wish, and that’s generally overpassed.”

She said that in characterize to make a incompatibility, “It be crucial that we in actuality hear to the voices of disabled ladies in Wales and hear to their experiences and be hunch that we’re taking all of that on board and utilizing that as a formulation to make stronger security for women and Wales”.

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