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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Sends Ticket Meadows Into Frenzy Asking About ‘Loathe Community’ QAnon (Video)

Chris Wallace acquired into but every other heated replace with a member of the Trump administration on Sunday, as the Fox News anchor asked White Dwelling Chief of Workers Ticket Meadows concerning the conspiracy principle group QAnon.

“The president used to be asked this week about QAnon, a conspiracy principle group that the FBI has called a domestic alarm threat,” Wallace acknowledged on “Fox News Sunday.” “The president acknowledged that he used to be thankful of the enhance of the of us in QAnon. You would extinguish this controversy precise now: Does the president disavow, does he condemn QAnon?”

“Effectively, listen, we don’t even know what it is,” Meadows answered. “I fetch it appalling that the media, when we possess now all the essential issues which will be going on, a listing of high twenties, that the principle inquire of at a press briefing would be about QAnon that I needed to genuinely Google to figure out what it is.”

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When Wallace tried to interject, Meadows raised his tell, looking for to divert the conversation to claims that the “FBI and others within the FBI spied on the Trump campaign.”

“You’re bringing it up and it’s ridiculous!” he exclaimed.

Wallace answered: “The level is, it’s a hate group. It’s a bunch that’s called by the FBI, a domestic alarm threat.”

Meadows answered, “This president will not be any longer for hate! So I will affirm you, if it’s a hate group that is there, let’s fetch out about at domestic terrorism and fetch out about at Antifa and a preference of different areas and stop spending time on something that 81% of Republicans don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

Meadows is now essentially the latest in a rising listing of White Dwelling officers — along side Trump himself — that Wallace has challenged on “Fox News Sunday,” along side Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and campaign spokesperson Mercedes Schlapp.  Wallace has also criticized Trump’s attacks on the media, announcing in an look on The Look that Trump is “eager with essentially the most concerted campaign against the media in historic previous.”

Glimpse Wallace’s interview with Meadows in the clip above.

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