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HDB cleaner uncle discloses Singaporeans’ in model littering habits, Life-style News

August 07, 2020printed at 7: 14 AMByCandice CaiAsiaOne

What is the commonest procedure of litter a cleaner at Singapore’s HDB flats faces on on daily basis basis?

In the event you guessed tissues, you are execrable.

In a video for Attend SG Desirable released by the Public Hygiene Council on Tuesday (Aug 4) HDB cleaner Andari B Shor, 65, shared one of the fundamental commonest litter he encounters on on daily basis basis and the difficulties he faces on the job.

He shared: “Cigarette butts on on daily basis basis have,” this despite the smoking ban in in model corridors, stairwells, staircase landings and void decks of a HDB building.

Andari also steadily comes all the procedure through packets of food thrown on the take landing. “Always set aside aside on the take foyer, not hygiene lah,” he said with a grimace.

His day starts at 7am, initiating with sweeping the take landings and in the lifts. After that, he mops the floors.

Diversified inconsiderate behaviour he’s encountered is burly objects discarded open air the lifts.

“In most cases when folk jog home they throw anyways internal, open air the take. The heavy things. So I one person sure the total block,” said Andari.


Encouraging residents to be considerate, he added: “I outdated already, so I am hoping you all don’t litter so unheard of, uncle life will likely be much less difficult. [sic]”

Andari illustrious that “the novel era (are) extra professional, they keep not are attempting to brush the HDB block. “We also ought to educate Singaporeans to be tidy, don’t litter.”

Nonetheless it be evident that he takes pleasure in his job.

“When folk say ‘Uncle, sweep very tidy leh’, I also say xie xie ni (thank you in Mandarin),” he laughed.

On the social media post, loads of commenters also expressed appreciation for Andari.


So the next time you build in mind dropping your trash any outdated how at your comfort, perchance recount again?

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