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Hyderabad Multi-Instrumentalist/Producer No Hero Heeds the ‘Name Of The Void’

Akhil Kodamanchili, who’s enrolled at a music college in Berlin, channels Linkin Park and Porcupine Tree on the electro/prog rock notice

Anurag Tagat
Apr 22, 2021

Hyderabad-basically basically basically based producer Akhil Kodamanchili aka No Hero. Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Inspired by seminal nu-metal works equivalent to Linkin Park’s 2002 remix yarn Reanimation moreover to U.Okay. prog masters Porcupine Tree, Hyderabad artist No Hero aka Akhil Kodamanchili inspires a slack-burn, melancholic yet cathartic crawl on his most up-to-date liberate “Name of the Void.”

The song taps into a sound that the guitarist, producer and vocalist has been digging into ever since we heard the song “Tomorrow Never Comes One Day” in 2016 and followed up with a hip-hop rap-rock collaboration called Sharam Masala in 2017 with artists Xcpt. and A La Moksh. Even despite the indisputable truth that he’s been on and off with music and focusing on his artist and production firm The Sounds Within, Kodamanchili did liberate an experimental portion of “music for idea” called “The Art work of Staring Into Dwelling” in 2020. “I felt delight in I wanted to produce issues alone once more and I puzzled what my core sensibilities were,” he says about the music he’s been working on.

Thematically, existentialism and observations from a micro and macroscopic level were all par for the course within the downcast, darkish rock notice, which is accompanied with a forlorn music video shot by Navneeth Krishnan. “I strive to be stoic however music can’t be stoic. I gotta explore fresh areas,” Kodamanchili says, counting prog band Tool’s vocalist-lyricist Maynard James Keenan as an spacious have an effect on.

Whilst more concepts are being prepped to turn out to be coming near No Hero songs, Kodamanchili became actually purported to be in Berlin correct now, for a music production undergraduate course at the British and Irish Contemporary Music Institute (B.I.M.M.)’s Germany campus. “Hopefully August is when I request to be get there,” he says.

No Hero and Sidd Coutto artwork

Art work for No Hero and Sidd Coutto’s upcoming single “What Would You Assemble If You Knew?”

By then, there needs to be at the least two or three more songs out, including the upcoming single “What Would You Assemble If You Knew?” that contains the worldwide vocals of Mumbai multi-instrumentalist and prolific songwriter Sidd Coutto. Kodamanchili says he met Coutto a while ago in Mumbai and asked if they would presumably work collectively. “He’s an out of this world-making an strive, energetic guy. We sat in his balcony and labored on a notice. I’m extremely furious to allotment that one,” the Hyderabad artist adds.

Perceive the video for “Name of the Void” below. Scuttle on more platforms here.

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