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I genuinely personal taken a rebirth

Oviya who became the darling of the plenty after her stint on ‘Bigg Boss’ season one hosted by Kamal Haasan. She is the first celeb to revel in frequent stardom thru the truth prove and restful even after three seasons no one has been ready to emulate her in this aspect.

Currently Oviya posted a video on her social media page in which she uncovered a tattoo of snake coiled spherical her ankle and it created a gigantic buzz among her followers. We purchased in contact with Oviya for a rare interview which is the first for a in point of fact prolonged time in which she has shared the that process of the tattoo and her diverse interior most dreams, dreams and standard of living.

Oviya has said in our telephonic conversation that the snake symbolizes rebirth because it sheds its skin infrequently after which strikes on to a brand new life. The exquisite actress also printed that the life that she lived to this point is over and he or she takes a ogle ahead to newer things of positivity and he or she desires to reside her life without hurting anybody. She also has some life changing tidbits for her followers which that you just might seek on the video below.

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