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Italian observe of the day: ‘Volentieri’

Italian word of the day: 'Volentieri'

Jessica Phelan


20 Can also simply 2019

17: 41 CEST

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7 April 2021

16: 03 CEST

You are going to be chuffed you respect this fashioned observe.

While you should philosophize ‘sure’ in Italian, most frequently factual doesn’t gash back it.

It’s ‘sure’ alright, however what about need to you in actuality, in actuality imply it?

There’s a observe you’d use to emphasise your ‘sure’ without resorting to fist pumps. 

We’ve already considered that senz’altro capability ‘positively’ – the more or less ‘sure’ you give need to you’re completely obvious. Volentieri, on the loads of hand, capability ‘gladly’ – the more or less ‘sure’ you yelp need to you’re chuffed to form so.

– Mi puoi dare una mano?

– Volentieri. 

– Can you give me a hand? 

– I’d be chuffed to.

– Vuoi uscire con noi stasera?

– Volentieri!

– Make you should come with us this night?

– I’d take to!

It comes from the identical Latin root – voluntas, that suggests ‘free will’ – that gave us the English observe ‘voluntarily’, and factual be pleased that observe, volentieri implies you’re doing one thing by need, or ‘willingly’.

L’ho fatto volentieri.

I did it willingly.

But whereas in English being ‘inviting’ might perhaps perhaps well factual imply you’re willing to form one thing, volentieri repeatedly indicates that you simply don’t simplest agree, you’re chuffed about it too.

Vado volentieri a piedi.

I’m chuffed to sprint.

Accetto volentieri il vostro invito.

It’s my pleasure to settle in your invitation.

Pronounce ‘sure’ repeatedly ample and you’ll secure your self doing things spesso e volentieri: literally ‘repeatedly and gladly’, it’s an off-the-cuff phrase that suggests ‘very repeatedly’.

And in case you’re utterly happy to philosophize sure, you’d even settle for volentierissimo, or ‘very gladly’. So now you respect what to answer to subsequent time any individual asks you in case you contend with a(nother) outing to Italy…

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