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Kristina Schulman Shares ‘Uncooked, Emotional, Unfiltered’ Shots of Her Perioral Dermatitis Disappear

In a chain of unfiltered photos on Instagram, Bachelor alum Kristina Schulman printed her experience with perioral dermatitis, a skin situation that she’s been “quietly facing for years.”

“Uncooked, emotional, and unfiltered,” Schulman captioned the photos. “This morning I awakened feeling down, overwhelmed, unhappy, and defeated. For the previous few days, I stayed unruffled and off social media in hopes that I’ll attain [a] psychological enlighten the attach I can part my skin’s chase + progress—that progress hasn’t come… appropriate but.”⁣

She went on to cloak that she’s been privately managing her perioral dermatitis but now distinguished to open up and part what’s been occurring. “In gradual December of 2020 many of you may perchance furthermore acquire gotten spoke back to my IG tales alongside with your acquire personal struggles and what has helped you to either cope or treat the location,” she stated. “I listened, researched, and took the advice that looked becoming for me⁣.” Her photos uncover that there acquire been “hopeful times” when her situation cleared up temporarily, but she hit an “all-time low” this April. 

Perioral dermatitis is a form of rash that infrequently seems as little purple or flesh-colored bumps. The location also can attach off itching, burning, and dry or flaky skin. The rash in most cases seems around the mouth, eyes, and nostril, nonetheless it goes to also have an effect on the genitals, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) explains. 

As soon as diagnosed, perioral dermatitis therapy will commence with determining what would be demanding your skin, just like corticosteroid creams. From there, your dermatologist could furthermore prescribe an antibiotic, and they also could furthermore furthermore counsel you substitute up your skin-care routine, prioritizing tender products that are pleasant to mute skin

Nevertheless, perioral dermatitis is frequently pressured for more than a few connected skin prerequisites, just like pimples and eczema. So it be mandatory to uncover a staunch kind diagnosis sooner than attempting to treat it on your acquire. And if you may perchance be feeling just like you may perchance furthermore acquire got been attempting to treat what seems worship eczema or pimples without success, see a dermatologist to be obvious it be no longer essentially something else, worship perioral dermatitis. 

For Schulman, her therapy process fervent tweaking her makeup routine to spend potentially demanding products, sticking to an ultra-minimalist skin-care routine, and switching to hypoallergenic laundry detergent. “But here we’re, tranquil scuffling with random flare-united states of americathat anguish, itch, burn, feel very dry and tight⁣,” she stated. Despite the truth that Schulman before all the issues had some success alongside with her doctor’s therapy belief in 2019, it did no longer final bigger than a pair of months. Now she has one other appointment to gape her dermatologist—and she or he’s getting into into ready. “This time I hope to be better ready and provide some recordsdata in return⁣,” she stated.

“While I do know I’m no longer by myself on this or with this situation (which is intensely refined to treat since triggers are varied for every particular person),” Schulman wrote, “I hope we can invent a community the attach we can openly part our chase and success tales.”


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