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Loss of life Light 2’s lead game clothier answers some community questions, including the dearth of firearms

Don’t search data from a ton of guns

Loss of life Light 2 just at the moment resurfaced after a nonetheless spell, and with it, the devs in the encourage of the game are starting up to answer to some questions fans have had about the parkour-infused action game.

In the first of a new AMA series, Loss of life Light 2‘s lead game clothier Tymon Smektała addressed a style of fashioned inquiries, including the dimensions of the game’s plot and the affect of choices on the yarn.

One point that’s attain up a few times sooner than however is nonetheless somewhat titillating is the dearth of guns. As Smektała says, “There are no firearms on this planet of Loss of life Light 2.” Whereas the zombie action game may maybe have ranged weapons, like bows, more contemporary or dilapidated weaponry looks to be out of the quiz.

He does characterize an additional weapon the player can craft that’s like a cobbled-collectively shotgun, which is able to offer a shotgun blast however with low sturdiness. On the total, it appears to be like like outdated guns acquired’t be littering the zombie-infested world of Loss of life Light 2.

The action sequel bounced encourage earlier this year with some new updates, following a degree to it sure changed into a diminutive bit early. There have been some delays, as neatly because the departure of Chris Avellone over allegations closing summer season, however it appears to be like like Techland is now ramping up in opposition to some more news. Right here is hoping for a new gaze on the sizable game quickly.

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