Mercedes: No safety concerns over Hamilton’s steering wheel

Mercedes: No safety concerns over Hamilton’s steering wheel

On the laps to the grid, Hamilton asked if a distress with circulate of the steering wheel he had detected on Saturday had been addressed in a single day.

He became once suggested by engineer Peter Bonnington that the group had put in a quiz to the FIA to change it, but became once denied permission. Teams can change aspects on a relish-for-relish foundation in parc ferme below FIA supervision, in the event that they can visual display unit that they are damaged.

Mercedes approach director James Vowles stressed that the quiz mirrored one in every of Hamilton’s feel for the automobile instead of any worries that there would possibly maybe even just be a failure in the flee.

“You have to maybe just enjoy heard Lewis complaining about circulate inner the steering wheel,” Vowles acknowledged in a Mercedes video. “He had play inner the steering column and the entire steering system became once shifting backwards and forwards correct a itsy-bitsy quantity.

“Here is a efficiency bid, as you is in all likelihood cornering you is in all likelihood trying to feel the limit of tyres, having any circulate in the steering column by any potential will trigger you to now not be definite whether it’s the automobile shifting, the tyres shifting or one thing else.

“On the change hand, it wasn’t a security distress, at no time did now we enjoy any distress by any potential for the system.

“It’s one thing we seen on Saturday but the parc ferme regulations yelp that until the aspect is broken it is doubtless you’ll maybe’t replace it, which is why Lewis needed to flee with it, and he did a broad job brooding regarding the quantity of sophisticated conditions we had in that flee.”

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Vowles moreover gave extra detail on the vitality unit distress that ended in the retirement of Valtteri Bottas, and which the group believes became once linked to electronics.

“At the close of the VSC duration Valtteri complained of an absence of vitality,” Vowles acknowledged. “Lets anticipate on the details that the MGU-H, the hybrid aspect of the automobile that produces electrical vitality, but moreover turbo retain watch over, wasn’t working correctly.

“We tried a few swap changes with Valtteri which would possibly maybe even just bring these techniques relieve, so through the steering wheel he would possibly maybe well put a default code in that could also just bring relieve aspects of the hybrid system.

“It became once sure though that it had failed solely even after the swap changes and as a consequence we boxed the automobile and stopped it.”

The group hopes that the early retirement saved the vitality unit from further damage and thus future grid penalties.

“The reason why we did that is we felt that the system failure wasn’t hardware but truly electronic, and the sooner you close it the less damage you is in all likelihood going to achieve to any of the techniques and the extra likelihood that we’re going to acquire a scheme to take no penalties with Valtteri as a consequence.

“We’ve got loads of tests to achieve and we’re going to acquire a scheme to verify the techniques in Portimao but optimistically no further penalties will come as a consequence of this failure.”

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