Sunday, October 25News That Matters | Lift aid anti-corruption unit to examine PPE affords, says Catholic Bishops’ Convention

  • The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Convention has called for presidential movement in holding with Covid-19 procurement corruption.
  • The SACBC has called for the reinstatement of a specialised anti-corruption unit, to boot to specialised courts.
  • It came after President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed a committee to address allegations of corruption in Covid-19 procurement.

The Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Convention (SACBC) has condemned “the Covid-19 corruption scandal”, asserting it represents a “excessive lack of ethical leadership”.

Bishop Sithembele Sipuka, president of the SACBC, has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resolve on movement against these implicated in corruption within the procurement of Covid-19 affords, including the suspension, arrest and prosecution of these alive to.

The call came a week after Ramaphosa appointed a six-member Cabinet committee to address all allegations of corruption associated to Covid-19 procurement. The committee is anticipated to examine a listing of names awarded tenders at some stage within the national speak of anxiousness and put together a complete story, which is prepared to be released to the public.

On the different hand, Sipuka talked about, this turned into once no longer sufficient.

“We retract to remind the president that the time for inter-ministerial committees, commissions of enquiries and political compromises is now over. We must envision the on the spot suspension, investigation, arrests and prosecution of these alive to, regardless of who they are (sic).”

The SACBC has called on the president and Cabinet to expedite the re-institution of a specialised anti-corruption unit, to boot to specialised courts to address corruption cases.

The sizzling gentle plan may maybe well well quiet be reviewed in favour of bigger transparency and accountability, whereas the fitting regeneration movement may maybe well well quiet even be strengthened “with priority being given to a excessive return to moral values and family as a total social unit”, Sipuka talked about.

“In the future of this complicated time in our nation when the lives and livelihoods of tens of millions of of us are at stake, the nation can no longer afford prime stages of have confidence deficit within the govt. and the set of job of the president. In the title of the unvoiced and the sad whose map of survival is stolen from them by criminals posing as leaders, we count on the on the spot response to these demands,” Sipuka added.

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