| LIVE | Ragged Eskom CEO to give proof at voice take fee | LIVE | Ragged Eskom CEO to give proof at voice take fee

07 September 17: 20

Seleka says that Prick Linnell became as soon as situation to testify after Matona, but is indisposed.

The inquiry will continue on Tuesday at 09: 30. 

Ragged Eskom Chairperson, Zola Tsotsi, is anticipated to testify on Tuesday. 

Now a true representative for Tsotsi states that he will hotel an utility to nasty gaze Matona.

With that the inquiry adjourns for the day. 

07 September 17: 06

Matona says that, after he had “moved on” he obtained a name from the place of enterprise of the President of Jacob Zuma. 

It became as soon as round June of July 2015. 

He says he went to search around the president without brilliant the draw of the meeting. 

He says that Zuma informed him that what came about at Eskom has “nothing to enact with you and became as soon as now now not a reflection on you”. 

The meeting lasted 20 minutes. 

Matona says Zuma informed him that he and executive aloof held him in high regard. 

Matona notes that he had been in executive since 1994. 

“I preferred the place he became as soon as coming from,” says Matona. 

The feeble Eskom CEO says Zuma informed him he obtained caught up “within the heart of a spaghetti”. 

Matona says Zuma informed him he would admire him to return to public carrier. 

He says he did now now not focus on with the president about the causes within the abet of his suspension. 

Matona says he did now now not suspect on the time that Zuma is susceptible to be mad about his suspension. 

“I issue it is aloof available,” he says. 

Matona says he took it nearly as a admission of remorse on Zuma’s allotment – but can now now not enlighten whether Zuma became as soon as eager. 

Zuma, meanwhile, denied he had ever apologised to Matona.  

“The president does now now not slump voice owned enterprises. The enterprises document to line feature departments. All career incidents of officials and executives in these departments are managed by the Boards and/or the Ministers to blame,” the presidency acknowledged in a assertion in August of 2015. 

“The President as a result of this fact can now now not apologise for the suspension or any disagreeable career incident of any executive legit or executive.”

07 September 16: 58

The Monetary Mail released a replica of the unredacted Dentons document in 2017. 

At the time, Suzanne Daniels, Eskom’s head of true & compliance, published a critique of Monetary Mail Deputy Editor Sikonathi Mantshantsha on Eskom’s internet place, announcing that if “editors are of immature stuff and, as a final result, can now now not perceive the wood for the trees, all individuals appears to be like to be doomed”.

Mantshantsha is now Eskom’s spokesperson. 

Learn the piece that Daniels wrote below. 

When media fails to story, democracies fail, FM failed

07 September 16: 52

The inquiry is referencing an editorial written in April, 2017 by Terenace Creamer of Creamer Media’s Engineering Info about the appointment of Brian Molefe. 

Within the article, Brown states that the phrases of reference of the investigation had fair currently been finalised by Eskom’s board.

Matona notes that this assertion became as soon as made a month after he had been suspended, that methodology he had been suspended in mid-March, 2015, for an investigation whose phrases of reference had now now not been drawn up. 

Dentons, a law company became as soon as at excellent appointed to steer the inquiry. 

Brown strikes to stabilise Eskom management with appointment of Molefe as performing CEO

07 September 16: 21

The inquiry is now difficult on to the announcement in mid-April, 2015, by Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown that Brian Molefe had been seconded as performing CEO of Eskom, with quick attain.

This announcement came about whereas Matona became as soon as aloof on suspension. 

“I do know his abilities,” Matona says of Molefe. “I would per chance now now not fault him, as it had been, in his suitability for the role. I mediate the interrogate became as soon as the circumstances in which he became as soon as brought [in]…. I mediate it became as soon as untidy, to claim the least”. 

Transnet CEO Brian Molefe now performing CEO of Eskom

07 September 16: 09

Matona says he can now now not enlighten for sure whether the investigation that became as soon as purported to remove place into Eskom, which became as soon as explanation for his preliminary surprising suspension, truly came about. 

He says he became as soon as purported to be interview for the probe, but no interview came about. 

However he says that he understands an investigation would per chance furthermore fair have taken place and can had been concluded. 

07 September 15: 52

Matona says whereas he became as soon as upset by the attain he became as soon as treated by Eskom, he wasn’t “too upset” to trail away from a job that he aloof needed to enact. 

07 September 15: 43

Matona is asked whether any Eskom board members criticised his management sooner than March 11, 2015, when he became as soon as suspended.

He says they did now now not. 

Seleka, the proof chief, now reads from an affidavit filed by Eskom’s feeble Chairperson Ben Ngubane. 

In it Ngubane claims that Matona – all thru the CCMA hearings after his suspension- acknowledged he did now now not are seeking to return to Eskom. 

Matona says here is now now not lawful. 

In his affidavit, Ngubana claims he became as soon as of the plan that Matona would per chance well return to Eskom, and informed Matona this. 

Matona says this is now not sensible. 

07 September 15: 29

Matona says that Brown became as soon as first and important positive about his appointment as Neighborhood CEO of Eskom. 

Per Matona, Brown needed to remove his title to Cabinet and veil why he must be appointed CEO. 

“The relationship became as soon as cordial,” he says. 

He acknowledged that, from October 2014 to March 2015, Brown had now now not criticised him or expressed any anguish about him. Neither had the energy utility’s board. 

Matona adds it’d be “fully wrong” to claim he had given unreliable data to Eskom’s War Room. 

07 September 14: 45

The fee has resumed, with Zondo asking Matona about the connection between then-Minister of Public Enterprises, Lynne Brown, and Eskom’s board. 

Matona says the board of a voice-owned venture has a fleshy mandate to remove decisions within the passion of the company, but he became as soon as informed by the board that their place became as soon as that of Minister Brown when they informed him he would now now not be in a place to return to his publish. 

07 September 14: 05

The commisison adjourns for a lunch ruin. This will return at 14: 25. 

07 September 14: 00

Matona says he became as soon as informed by Eskom that he had now now not performed anything else unfriendly, and he later learned that the results of the internal inquiry stumbled on he had performed nothing unfriendly. 

The Chairperson of the inquiry, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, asks Matona if he became as soon as ever in a place to established why the board did now now not are seeking to work with him. 

“I would per chance well now now not build, exactly, what became as soon as the rationale,” he says. 

The board, says Matona, did a “total somersault” between the meetings of March 9 and March 11. 

His conclusion became as soon as there had been some intervention “from out of doors”. 

He says he now suspects he became as soon as eliminated to “assemble attain” so that loads of oldsters is susceptible to be build into key positions at Eskom – he mentions the title of Brian Molefe – but adds he had “no facts”. 

07 September 13: 44

Matona then made up our minds to attain the labour courtroom, because the act of suspending him became as soon as “brazen and irrational”. 

He says the labour courtroom stumbled on his suspension became as soon as unfair. 

The take then referred the topic to the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).  

Matona says he became as soon as aloof hoping he would per chance well procure his job abet at this stage, but Eskom became as soon as now now not launch to this. 

He says Eskom became as soon as represented by then-Chairperson Ben Ngubane, among others, on the first CCMA meeting. 

The 2 aspects then obtained trail away to work together straight. 

He says he became as soon as informed by representatives of Eskom at their next meeting that whereas they’ll furthermore fair “enact a deal” he would per chance well now now not return to his primitive job, and this became as soon as the quest for of the board and the shareholder – the department of public enterprises. 

He says if he remembers correctly it became as soon as feeble Eskom board member Romeo Kumalo that gave him the info. 

Within the stop, he acknowledged, he made up our minds to now now not fight Eskom any longer and rather remove 12 months separation pay. 

He acknowledged the costs of preventing for his reinstatement had been mounting whereas Eskom had colossal coffers. 

07 September 13: 40

The suspension letter, that the inquiry is now facing, states that Matona made representations to the board about his that you would per chance furthermore imagine suspension. 

He denies this. 

“I’m skittish. I’m puzzled. I do now not know what to enact”. 

“I took this letter and I left”. 

He says that, per the suspension letter, he must don’t have any contact with the company. 

He acknowledged he became as soon as now now not as a result of this fact contacted by anyone from either Eskom or the individuals supposed to habits the inquiry.   

07 September 13: 32

Matona says it became as soon as Brown who asked him to trail away the board meeting. 

“I duly obliged, I picked up my stuff and left the meeting”. 

He says he did now now not know what came about within the meeting. He went to his place of enterprise and waited there. 

He says that he became as soon as later known as and informed by then-Chairperson, Zola Tsotsi, that the inquiry would continue and he must be “absent”. He asked what this supposed, and became as soon as informed it did now now not mean he became as soon as suspended, but he must ‘recuse himself”.

Later that day he became as soon as handed a letter of suspension. 

The inquiry is now looking on the letter of suspension, which the media does now now not yet have entry to. 

07 September 13: 29

Matona says there became as soon as no focus on of suspensions when the resolution and memorandum had been first viewed on the meeting of March 9, 2015. 

Matona says that, on March 11 – on the 2nd board meeting – he supplied the board with a top level plan of the most up-to-date traits from Eskom’s battle room.

Then Minister Brown arrived, and he became as soon as asked to recuse himself.  

07 September 13: 09

The inquiry is now specializing in a memorandum supplied by Eskom’s recent board on March 9, 2015, indicating that it desires “objective and draw insight” into the failings on the energy utility. 

Per an affidavit read out by the proof chief, the memorandum became as soon as now now not drafted by the board but by Prick Linnell, a commerce consultant who had worked within the previous with Dudu Myeni. 

Matona, the energy utility’s feeble CEO, says the memorandum became as soon as aesthetic, and he did now now not know the connection to Linnell till this present day. 

“There became as soon as no indication who the author of this became as soon as,” says Matona, announcing he believed at had been drafted by the board itself on behalf of its then-Chairperson Zola Tsotsi. 

Matona says the memorandum became as soon as furthermore aesthetic because the recent board had most absorbing had one or two interactions with him. 

“It made me wonder the place this became as soon as coming from?” 

The memorandum known as for the board to mandate an objective “unimpeded” exterior inquiry to search round into the facts of failings at Eskom. 

Matona says on the meeting on the ninth of March the board “did now now not know the place this became as soon as coming from”. 

The resolution became as soon as, alternatively, adopted on the board’s next meeting two days later that became as soon as attended by then-Minister of Public Enterprises Lynne Brown. 

This meeting resulted in Matona’s suspension. 

07 September 13: 03

The fee, which keeps jumping between loads of meetings of Eskom’s board, is now again focussing again on the meeting of March 11, 2015, the place Matona became as soon as suspended. 

The feeble CEO says he first reported abet to the board on the outcomes of meetings of Eskom’s battle room. 

He says he anticipated his presentation to be adopted by a dialogue, but no questions or concerns had been raised. 

Matona says minutes of the meeting must veil that no concerns had been raised. 

07 September 12: 59

Matona now talks about the “War Room”, established by Cabinet in December 2014. 

He says the battle room became as soon as purported to raise together loads of departments mad about the provision of electricity to the nation. 

Matona says he attended battle room sessions. Eskom’s board did now now not. 

He says he thought on the time that it became as soon as a “factual initiative”. 

The battle room became as soon as chaired by then-Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

07 September 12: 52

Matona now strikes on to talking about the need for an inquiry into the affairs at Eskom in 2015, including load shedding, debt and funding shortfalls. 

He says concerns on the voice-owned utility had been assemble up for some time, and an inquiry became as soon as now now not needed because “we knew the concerns”. 

“What became as soon as required became as soon as solutions,” states Matona. 

07 September 12: 40

The commisison of inquiry is now starting to touch on concerns that had been previously raised by Parliament’s have inquiry into Eskom.

This inquiry came about in 2017 became as soon as conducted by Parliament’s oversight committee on public enterprises, which on the time incorporated Pravin Gordhan among its members. 

The document of that inquiry, made public in November 2018, stumbled on that events who had “no reputable
mandate to actively intervene in Eskom’s operational issues allegedly did lawful that,” giving the March 8 meeting in Durban attended by Linnell shall we enlighten. 

“As a final result of this meeting, Mr Tsotsi claimed that he supplied the President’s needs at an pressing board meeting the next day, even though he became as soon as aware that the President became as soon as now now not in a place to give glorious instructions to the Board. When the Board voiced concerns about the unlawful interference in its functions, Minister Brown intervened in strengthen of the inquiry and the suspensions,” states the document. 

Learn Parliament’s document into Eskom here

07 September 12: 26

Linnell, is his affidavit, says he went to Megawatt Park in anticipation of being known as by the board. 

He says he became as soon as informed the board became as soon as now now not in agreement, and he left. 

Matona says he became as soon as now now not aware that Linnell at Eskoms headquarters that day.  

The feeble Eskom CEO says that he is for the first time hearing that it became as soon as Linnell who authored the “uncommon” resolution about the Eskom inquiry. 

07 September 12: 22

Seleka, who’s leading the proof and reading from Linnell’s affidavit, has passed over what became as soon as discussed on the meeting on March 8.

Linnell continues to jot down that he obtained ready to meet Eskom’s board on Monday, March 9, to temporary them about the investigation. He says he furthermore forwarded a proposed memorandum and board resolutions to then-Eskom chairperson Zola Tsotsi. 

One in every of his notes to Tsotsi “emphasised the deserve to repeat the board about the president’s role and the main requirements of the proposed inquiry”. 

07 September 12: 18

Linnell, within the affidavit, says he became as soon as briefed by Myeni about what the Eskom inquiry would entail. 

He became as soon as then informed that he would need to go to Durban on March 8 to meet with Zuma for more data. 

In his affidavit, Linnell says he attended a meeting in Durban on Sunday 8 March. Expose had been Eskom chair Zola Tsotsi, Dudu Myeni and Dudu Myeni’s son, and somebody launched as “John”. 

07 September 12: 15

Seleka has Linnell’s affidavit in entrance if him and is quoting from it. The media has now now not yet viewed the affidavit. 

Seleka says that in his affidavit, Linnell states he became as soon as contacted by Dudu Myeni on March 6 and asked to go to Pretoria to abet an pressing meeting with her and then-President Jacob Zuma. 

He says Myeni had been a consumer of his “regularly” in her representative capacity at SAA and the Mhlathuze Water Board. 

Linnell states within the affidavit that he arrived in Pretoria lawful after noon and met with Myeni. Zuma became as soon as now now not most up-to-date. 

He writes that Myeni informed him the president became as soon as considering the voice of Eskom and needed an inquiry. 

“She had suggested to the president that I will be lawful for that role,” states the affidavit, which is aloof being read by Seleka. 

07 September 12: 02

In his affidavit, Linnell says he became as soon as invited to the meeting of March 9, 2015, at Eskom. 

Matona says to basically the most absorbing of his recollection Linnell did now now not abet the meeting. 

He says he can now now not take into accout Linnell’s title being brought up within the meeting, either. 

07 September 11: 56

Advocate Seleka, who’s leading Matona’s proof, now returns to the meeting on March 9. 

He asks the feeble CEO about an affidavit submitted by Prick Linnell about the meeting. 

Matona says he did now now not know Linnell on the time, had never met him. 

07 September 11: 41

The fee is taking a 30 minute ruin. 

07 September 11: 28

On March 12, 2015, the day after Matona had been suspended, Brown acknowledged in a media assertion that she had certainly addressed the Eskom board  “sharing my concerns, fears and frustration about the anguish of the voice-owned company”.

“As shareholder representative, I’m considering the instability at energy flowers, the monetary liquidity of the utility, the dearth of credible data, the unreliable present of electricity and its dire impact on our economic system, progress with the compose programme, overruns at Medupi and Kusile and delays of the investigation into incidents at Majuba and Dubha and the anguish of coal and diesel pricing,” acknowledged Brown on the time. 

Brown, who continue to abet as minister of public enterprises till 2018, became as soon as later heavily criticised by Pravin Gordhan in a separate Parliamentary inquiry into Eskom for “denials” that voice take existed. 

In November 2017 Gordhan informed his feeble Cabinet colleague that her most absorbing solution to voice take allegations is “denial, denial, denial”, and citing the “suspensions of officials who are truly harmless” among loads of costs. 

Brown, meanwhile, denied being mad about any sort of voice take, announcing she had “never consulted with anyone on my executive functions.”

Gordhan became as soon as named minister of public enterprises in February 2018, taking on from Brown. 

Brown’s most absorbing solution to voice take is denial, Gordhan tells Eskom inquiry

07 September 11: 16

Matona says that sooner than the meeting on March 11 the place he had been suspended, there had been a “very temporary” meeting on March 9 the place Eskom’s board had been told that the then-minister of public enterprises needed an inquiry into Eskom. 

The minister on the time became as soon as Lynne Brown.

He acknowledged the board asked the minister to focus on with them straight, which came about on March 11. 

07 September 11: 01

Matona says the letter of his suspension “came as a shock”. 

He says he became as soon as now now not given the opportunity to give representations to the board on the time. 

Matona says the board that suspended him became as soon as rather recent, and the concerns of an inquiry into Eskom and his suspension had been likely the first substantive concerns the board needed to take care of. 

It would per chance well furthermore fair had been the board’s first meeting, he says. 

07 September 10: 56

Matona says the Eskom’s then-Chairperson, Zola Tsotsi, informed him resolution to undertake an inquiry came from the then-minister of public enterprises and then-President, Jacob Zuma. 

07 September 10: 52

Matona says the note “suspension” became as soon as now now not particularly used in the initiating. 

“I became as soon as a chunk of puzzled about the place this became as soon as going,” he acknowledged, including the board lawful acknowledged he must now now not be there. 

Half an hour later he became as soon as served with a letter of suspension “precise there and then” after lawful 5 months within the publish. 

The chairperson of the board on the time became as soon as Zola Tsotsi, who chaired the meeting that selected to suspend him.  

07 September 10: 49

Matona says the rationale he became as soon as given by the board for his suspension on the time, became as soon as that an inquiry into the affairs of Eskom became as soon as needed, and he must now now not be most up-to-date whereas the inquiry came about. 

The feeble CEO says he did now now not trust the resolution. 

07 September 10: 46

Matona, who joined Eskom in October 2014, now talks about his suspension from the utility on 11 March 2015 on the stop of a board
meeting that had commenced that morning.

He says he had been asked to recuse himself from the meeting. 

07 September 10: 44

This is now now not the first time that Matona has testified sooner than an inquiry into Eskom. 

He previously gave proof sooner than a Parliamentary inquiry into governance at Eskom, the place he acknowledged that as soon as he arrived on the utility he stumbled on it stuffed with “significant stress” and “serious infighting” internal the board. 

07 September 10: 19

Tshediso Matona, who became as soon as the head of the energy utility for much less than a year from late 2014 to March 2015 is now being sworn in. 

Advocate Seleka, SC, is leading the proof. 

07 September 10: 13

The inquiry has lawful commenced, about an hour after its scheduled starting time of 09: 00. 

Keen events and true representatives of one of the significant significant individuals anticipated to give proof will now place themselves on the file. 

07 September 09: 22

The fee of inquiry into voice take will on Monday hear proof from Eskom’s feeble Chief Govt Officer Tshediso Matona.

Matona and the energy utility parted ways in Would possibly perhaps well presumably furthermore 2015, after Matona became as soon as suspended two months earlier for allegedly offering unreliable and inconsistent data to the Eskom battle room.

This became as soon as the high-level job crew headed by then-Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa. 

Eskom, CEO Matona allotment ways

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