Monday, October 26News That Matters | ‘Remarks allusive and unsuitable’: Judiciary responds to allegations of political interference by Andile Lungisa

  • The judiciary has responded to allegations of political interference and corruption at the Supreme Court docket of Charm and Eastern Cape High Court docket.
  • These remarks were allegedly made by ragged ANC Childhood League president Andile Lungisa earlier than he handed himself over to a correctional facility.
  • Lungisa used to be convicted in 2018 for assault with intent to fabricate extreme bodily damage.

The nation’s top judges non-public taken offence over allegations of political interference at the Supreme Court docket of Charm (SCA) and Eastern Cape High Court docket.

The president of the SCA, Mandisa Maya, SCA judges and the take hang of president of the Eastern Cape Division of the High Court docket, Selby Mbenenge, non-public great with consternation the remarks allegedly made by Andile Lungisa intimating his case used to be now not “barely made up our minds as a result of the political and familial affiliations of the judges’ undue affect at the respective courts”.

The SCA judges embody justices Nambitha Dambuza, Caroline Nicholls, Sharise Weiner and Nolwazi Mabindla-Boqwana.

“These allusive and unsuitable remarks, which undermine the integrity of the judiciary and judicial independence and represent contempt of court and crimen injuria offences, are reported to were made when Mr Lungisa handed himself over to authorities at the North Dwell Jail in Port Elizabeth to originate serving his two-year sentence following a conviction on costs of assault with intent to fabricate extreme bodily damage,” the spokesperson for RSA Judiciary, Nathi Mncube, acknowledged in a commentary on Wednesday.

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This after Lungisa, who’s a Nelson Mandela Bay ANC councillor and ragged ANC Childhood League president, used to be convicted and sentenced to three years in jail for assault with intent to fabricate extreme bodily damage in 2018 after he smashed a tumbler water jug over DA councillor Rano Kayser’s head for the duration of a scuffle in the council in 2016.

Lungisa tried to charm the sentence earlier than the SCA which rejected his utility.

He had since approached the Constitutional Court docket with the hopes of overturning his conviction, Files24 reported.

Mncube acknowledged the judicial management of every court used to be the responsibility of the head of that court and this incorporated the project of judicial officers for sittings and cases.

“Once this characteristic has been exercised by the head of court, the take hang of assigned hears the matter and arrives at a determination in response to the law and the facts placed earlier than him or her.

“It is the responsibility conferred on every take hang of thru the oath or affirmation taken on assumption of office to enable him or her to adjudicate disputes in point of fact and impartially on the muse of the law and the evidence, without external stress or affect and with danger or interference from someone,” he added.

The judiciary acknowledged any criticism against it should be “excellent and made in factual faith” and such criticism should be “explicit and obvious”.

It acknowledged in a commentary:

Efforts to discredit the judiciary by levelling allegations of corruption against the judiciary as a total or against person judges without proof, or in search of to allude to an alignment between person judges and political figures or position players with none additional substantiation, should be condemned.

Maya, the SCA judges and Mbenenge acknowledged someone with credible evidence of corruption or undue affect within the judiciary should soundless approach forward, get evidence and be spellbinding to testify to it in a court of law or earlier than any price of enquiry.

“Without evidence, such allegations can now not be investigated. The rights of president Maya, the SCA judges concerned and Seize President Mbenenge reside reserved, and in disclose that they non-public got demanded a retraction of the offensive remarks from Mr Lungisa,” Mncube added.

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