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One more below fire magistrate switched to new publish

A magistrate who has reach in for heavy criticism from Beijing supporters and media over rulings in cases linked to Hong Kong’s social unrest is being transferred to the Grievous Articles Tribunal, the judiciary has confirmed.

A spokeswoman acknowledged on Wednesday that the resolution to switch Lam Tsz-kan from West Kowloon Courtroom used to be taken attributable to a “long-established operational need.”

The switch, which is able to return into attain on November 2, method Lam will quit hearing long-established prison cases.

The magistrate unbiased unbiased these days acquitted an accounting clerk of possessing an offensive weapon after she used to be prosecuted for luminous a laser pen at law enforcement officials in a automobile a ways away.

On one more occasion, Lam acknowledged law enforcement officials had former excessive force to subdue the defendant in a thunder-associated case.

His choices sparked nettle amongst police supporters, with authentic-Beijing figures at the side of these cases to a list of complaints concerning judges and magistrates they accused of being biased in favour of anti-govt protesters.

In August one more magistrate, Stanley Ho, rejected the testimony of two law enforcement officials in a thunder-associated case, announcing they’d “told lie after lie” in court. He used to be switched to administrative responsibilities on the High Courtroom last month, with the judiciary insisting the switch used to be no longer associated to the complaints made towards him over his remarks.

The judiciary spokeswoman acknowledged Lam’s switch to the tribunal will provide him with an opportunity to have confidence extra judicial journey. She added that the complaints towards him might perchance be handled essentially based on established mechanisms.

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