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Parag Milk Foods expands health & nutrition industry and commissions lactose plant

The company has ventured into whey protein powders, a derivative in the cheese manufacturing job. Parag established India’s first and easiest manufacturing facility to make whey protein and launched a great deal of whey protein merchandise available in the market including Avvatar, a branded B2C product, and India’s first 100% vegetarian whey protein. Thru the commissioning of the lactose plant, the corporate is now intending so that it’s essential add greater price to whey permeates generated through the filtration technique of whey protein.

Whey permeate incorporates a excessive focus of lactose, a pure milk sugar with pudgy and minerals, that is customarily sold as a replace to skimmed milk powder (SMP). Pure lactose, which largely consists of edible lactose frail in confectionaries and food components, and pharma grade lactose frail by the pharmaceutical and nutrition industries, garners a greater price and has a colossal potential for divulge, the corporate said.

Parag has therefore established facilities with a skill to manufacture 40 MT of lactose per day. The company said it will fabricate lactose for segments reminiscent of food applications, toddler nutrition and scientific nutrition merchandise.

Globally, the lactose market size stood at $1.2bn in 2018 and is projected to develop to $1.5bn by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of three.7% in the course of this era. The Indian lactose market size is between 40,000-45,000 MT and is valued at about $70m, with a serious phase of the requirement met by imports.

This company said this offers a astronomical opportunity.

Parag said it has an fully constructed-in price chain with administration over processes from procurement and provide chain to processing and distribution, which assist to preserve requirements of quality and transport at some level of.

Devendra Shah, chairman, said, “Being a immense cheese player, we consistently had whey protein and therefore lactose as a derivative, to which we would like to further price-add to faucet into top of the vary ingredients for the Indian market. With our end-to-end manufacturing capabilities at some level of the price chain, we are effectively placed to toughen the PM’s impetus in opposition to ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ by reducing the import dependence of the nation on lactose.

“Being agile in our response to market adjustments, we are consistently innovating our product choices and concentrating on tie-u.s.a.with partners centered on quality. Consumers possess change into increasingly unsleeping about nutrition and there could be a mammoth shift and desire for trusted brands. Because the market is enchanting in opposition to premiumization with a certain thrust in opposition to price-added dairy merchandise, we are the forerunners with extra than two-thirds of our portfolio comprising of price-added merchandise. With the addition of lactose to our portfolio, we are ready for our Correctly being and Weight loss program portfolio to develop further in the next two years, which may even toughen our profitability.”

Parag Milk Foods Restricted, established in 1992, is the glorious personal dairy FMCG company with a pan India presence. It has manufacturing facilities in Manchar in Maharashtra, Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh, and Sonipat in Haryana.

Below the logo Gowardhan, Parag offers outdated merchandise relish ghee, dahi and paneer, while beneath the Sprint ticket it produces cheese, UHT milk, buttermilk, lassi and yoghurt.

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