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Pete Lau confirms 120Hz showcase on the OnePlus 8T and other aspects

Or no longer it is already sure by now that OnePlus is planning to open a successor to the OnePlus 8 handiest. The OnePlus 8T Expert lawful will not be always genuinely going on this time around. We also know the worth and most of the specs, alternatively or no longer it is always excellent to listen to a affirmation from an official. And there is no greater affirmation coming straight from the CEO himself.

Pete Lau confirms 120Hz display on the OnePlus 8T and other features

In an out of the ordinary interview with TechRadar, Pete Lau mentioned that the OnePlus 8T will indeed characteristic a 120Hz refresh price showcase and may possibly be the same size as its predecessor, which blueprint 6.55″. The engineers like labored on improving the perceived smoothness, coloration accuracy and maximum brightness too and due to this, the panel bought an A+ rating from DisplayMate.

With the encourage of the original 2.5D flexible glass, the showcase can shine brighter, reaching a peak brightness of whopping 1,000 nits, while the coloration accuracy shall be “the very very glorious across the trade”. And with the two.5D term thrown around, or no longer it is protected to retract that or no longer it shall be a flat showcase too. Which is an expert element for most.

Seeing how Pete Lau talks about the OnePlus 8T and compares the mobile phone to the OnePlus 8 Expert too, he by hook or by crook confirms that the OnePlus 8T will open on my own for the duration of the October 14 tournament.


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