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Punggol otter pup dies from fishing hook lodged in throat, Singapore News

September 07, 2020printed at 6: 01 AMByRainer CheungAsiaOne

Interior a snappy span of three months, the family of otters that made Punggol seaside and Coney Island their home dwindled from a celebration energy of 9 to correct four.

Basically the most modern casualty is a four-month-frail pup, found ineffective on the seaside on Saturday morning (Sept 5) with a fishing hook in her throat.

Residents first spotted the injured pup days ago discontinuance to Punggol seaside with a fishing line placing out of its mouth. 

Regardless of a pair of days of collaborative efforts by the National Parks Board, the Animal Considerations Look at and Education Society (ACRES), and Ottercity, they own been unable to trap and administer medical assistance to the agile creature.

When the pup used to be finally found, it used to be ineffective. 

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The hook — which spanned correct over a centimetre in length — would own left the pup starving and in wretchedness, local otter request community Ottercity shared in a Facebook post last night.

They described the wretchedness felt by the pup much like having a fishbone lodged within the throat.


That is now not the predominant time a pup from the same family used to be injured by a fishing hook. Earlier in July, Ottercity uploaded a video which acknowledged one more pup used to be caught by a double hook, which had pierced both its mouth and its entrance paw.

As Punggol’s coastline is a neatly-liked fishing home, Ottercity pleaded for anglers to successfully eliminate their hooks and take extra caution when wild animals stray discontinuance to their strains.

“Discarded hooks on the seaside pose a possibility now not correct to wildlife but people too — young people and beachcombers can without complications accumulate wretchedness,” they wrote. “Luckily, people know the map one can accumulate aid. Wildlife fabricate now not.”

The same otter family now not too long ago misplaced its mother whereas one more three pups had long gone lacking.



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