Roborock S4 Max evaluate: an efficient robot vacuum with a substantial app and undoubtedly correct suction

Roborock S4 Max evaluate: an efficient robot vacuum with a substantial app and undoubtedly correct suction

I bear examined a form of multi-fair robot vacuums no longer too prolonged within the past – robots that sweep and mop concurrently esteem the quirky D-fashioned Hobot Legee 688, the critical 360 S9, or the Ecovacs T8 robot and tools. It is never generally I get to envision out a single fair sweeping robot.

The Roborock S4 Max robot vacuum, released on ninth October combines the total substances I esteem relating to the Roborock fluctuate (LIDAR navigation, multi-stage mapping, no-go zones, and simplified app connection).

The S4 Max has an correct 2000Pa motor that can automatically alter its suction energy on no longer easy floor and lift its suction to most when it encounters carpets and rugs.

This is able to maybe maybe also honest endure in thoughts as much as four varied maps in your residence to recognise multi-stage areas, or you may maybe possibly maybe well presumably also configure the robot to spruce a particular position at a particular time of day.

The S4 Max will recognise any no-go zone and no longer harmful it. I bear a beautiful high threshold in my home that stumps nearly every robot vacuum I evaluate. I receive it is higher to position an no-go zone so I attain no longer want to rescue the robot any time it is sweeping.

The app, which, unlike one other robot vacuum apps, without drawback connects to my mobile utility, lets you title every room and configure what time you may maybe possibly maybe esteem particular rooms to be cleaned.

The mess correct thru the dog bowl may maybe possibly maybe honest moreover be cleaned after every meal, particular zones may maybe possibly maybe honest moreover be put spherical objects such because the dog water dish which ensures that it may maybe possibly possibly maybe maybe well no longer get knocked spherical correct thru cleaning.

The S4 Max has a 5,200mAh battery that can spruce for as much as a pair hours – longer than the 360 S5 single-spend robot, or the Onson J10C. Roborock says that this can spruce as much as 300 square meters.

This cleaning fluctuate would spruce the total ground ground of my home more than three times earlier than going abet to its charging dock.

If the battery stage will get low, the S4 Max will return to the charging position to recharge its battery, return to its final put of cleaning, and enact off sweeping the position.

Fancy most robot vacuums it has an anti-drop sensor that can stay the robot tumbling down stairs. It moreover appears to get stuck beneath furniture much less generally than old versions I bear tried.

It has a moderately immense 460ml dustbin, and a brush cleaner usefully stowed beneath the S4 Max’s lid – so you attain no longer lose the cleaning utility.

The absolute best ingredient that is lacking from the Roborock product fluctuate, is the auto-empty docking position. 

I bear formula to esteem these time-saving auto-empty stations since I checked out the Neabot in June 2020, and Ecovacs Deebot T8 in September. Who’s conscious of – a the same providing may maybe possibly maybe well be within the pipeline for future units?

The Roborock moreover would no longer bear Alexa integration – however while you configure robots to spruce varied facets of the house on an computerized time desk the usage of the app, integration undoubtedly is no longer an argument at all

All in all, the Roborock S4 Max is a extremely critical single-fair robot that is absolute best for immense swathes of carpet, or blended floor areas. 

At beneath $430, it may maybe possibly possibly maybe maybe well take care of the total ground surfaces you put it on – and sweep them undoubtedly neatly. It is neatly price the investment

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