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My Secret Affair With Chinese Takeout

There are few things more irresistible than the forbidden. My contraband: an unassuming chicken in garlic sauce served at Chinatown Restaurant, a modest Chinese takeout counter come my childhood home in Brooklyn. The main time I encountered this dish, I used to be 10 years old-fashioned. My older brother came home touting a plastic catch printed with a signature yellow smiley face, the words THANK YOU emblazoned all the map thru the entrance. Entranced by the toothsome aroma filling the air, I followed him into the kitchen.My brother untied the catch and opened an oyster pail, revealing thinly sliced chicken breast, velveted to delicate perfection and bathed in a thick amber sauce. My mouth watered as he poured the contents onto a plate. “You will need a bit of bit of every thing for the ...