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Zillow tries to swat away REX anti-trust lawsuit

Zillow filed court papers Friday to push aside an anti-trust lawsuit from REX on the plot in which it shows dwelling-listings, litigation that challenges Zillow’s fresh transformation as an organization. The filing – in which Zillow opposes an injunction sought by REX – states that REX is months gradual in filing the lawsuit, aspects out that REX is that if fact be told an advertiser and seller of data to Zillow, and says REX is trying to fabricate a bogeyman by in most cases invoking Zillow’s closer work with the extremely efficient Nationwide Association of Realtors trade neighborhood. “As opposed to adapting to Zillow’s changes, REX has fabricated a huge trade-wide conspiracy, claiming that Zillow has ‘locked hands’ with NAR to inflate dealer agent commissions,” reads the opp...