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Hear Mumbai Artist VAR!N’s Shape-Transferring Lockdown Album ‘The Lengthy Weekend 2’

Rappers equivalent to Tintin, Rhyming Man, A-Gan, Loud Silence and producer-rapper Xplicit characteristic on the eight-video display anecdote Anurag Tagat Mar 31, 2021 Mumbai-based mostly mostly, Bengaluru-bred artist Varun Anand aka VAR!N. Characterize: Rohit Puri About a year within the past, when a nationwide lockdown became once enforced, Bengaluru-bred, Mumbai-based mostly mostly guitarist, producer and vocalist Varun Anand aka VAR!N launched an album called The Lengthy Weekend, in a convey to indicate his “ingenious endeavors someday of classes of compelled isolation.” While that anecdote became once constructing on his trap, R&B and hip-hop credentials, the be conscious-up thought anecdote The Lengthy Weekend 2 – which launched earlier this month – shines a lightweight o...