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Autopsy: Jiang suffered a whole lot of injuries forward of the fatal stab

Jiang Qiulian, the victim Jiang Ge's mom, meets the click in the future forward of the trial in Tokyo, on Dec 10. [Photo by Yao Wei/VCG] Jiang Ge's autopsy fable has been revealed, showing Jiang suffered 5 - 6 defensive injuries forward of the fatal stab, evidence against the accused Chen's claim pronouncing Jiang fell down and died from the critical stab. Jiang's neck had 11 or 12 stab injuries. Jiang's mom cried bitterly again and again when showing at court. Suspected killer of Chinese language student denies it became premeditated assassinate Chen Shifeng, the alleged killer of Jiang Ge, claimed he did now not realizing to execute the postgraduate student, reported on Monday. On the critical day of the trial, Chen talked about Liu Xin, the roo...