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Burgreens brings plant-based fully fully strong point to beverage sport with unlock of vegan boba and dalgona

Bubble tea, or more on the total referred to as boba, is now now not precisely the hip beverage that’s lawful for vegans or vegetarians, the lactose intolerant, or anyone who’s averting dairy, because the vastly popular sugary drinks assuredly exhaust completely dairy milk. Linked: The Boba Recap: 14 recent(ish) bubble tea retailers in Jakarta, from notorious Taiwanese chains to homegrown brands For of us that can fill been awaiting a non-dairy different, there’s finally a vegan version now now not too long ago launched by one of the pioneering plant-based fully fully restaurants in Jakarta, Burgreens. Now now not completely that, “Dalgona coffee” or whipped coffee ⁠— one of the ideal F&B trends that emerged on the onset of COVID-19 pandemic ⁠— also will get the vegan rem...