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A cable company that prided itself on no recordsdata caps says you’re getting recordsdata caps because pizza

Cyber web recordsdata caps are no longer worship pizza — where taking a reduce could maybe well mean fewer slices for every person else. I don’t assume Verge readers have concern knowing this opinion? It’s been well-established that ISPs have not any concern turning in limitless recordsdata, even all over — snort — a world pandemic when tall throngs of the inhabitants have by shock stumbled on themselves working from home. This, nonetheless, did no longer quit WideOpenWest (aka WOW!) from utilizing pizza to elaborate model-fresh, maybe-below no circumstances-sooner than-considered recordsdata caps for its cable recordsdata superhighway subscribers, starting June 1st, 2021, as Ars Technica studies. Here’s a allotment of the electronic mail subscribers are receiving: What’s a monthly r...