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Carnevali unearths the truth about Scamacca to Juventus

Sassuolo’s CEO Giovanni Carnevali unearths why Gianluca Scamacca didn't be a part of Juventus and welcomes Yeferson Paz. 'A truly grand signing.' The Neroverdi deposited the contract of the 18-yr-feeble just sooner than the dwell of the time restrict day. “We had scouted him for very long time, but over the outdated couple of days the deal looked collapsed,” Carnevali told Sky Sport Italia. “We were practically resigned, but then we finally managed to finalise the deal. It is miles a considerable rob for us.” Gianluca Scamacca will dwell on loan at Genoa unless the dwell of the season, no matter interests from Parma and Juventus. “We’ve in any respect times mentioned the truth, we’ve saved our observe. Scamacca is a younger a promising player," Carnevali claimed. “We made a name w...