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Sunmi Channels Catwoman in Frisky ‘Tail’ Video

She additionally told The Korean Herald about the animalistic inspiration on the relief of "TAIL" and how she wanted to physically express her emotions. The music and video additionally fetch inspiration from the DC Comics personality Catwoman. Renowned choreographer Janelle Ginestra (Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Red Velvet) created the Sufficient-pop artist's fiesty and sultry routine that showed off every elongated aspect of her physique, from her braided high pony whipping around to her multicolored manicures."Animals exercise their tail to express their emotions. They’ll shake their tails gently when they’re in a upright mood and flick it noteworthy if frustrated. I cherished the frankness of this instinctive behavior and the phrase 'tail' appropriate left an monumental impact in my thoug...
Utsavi Jha Channels Blues Rock on New Single ‘Picnic’

Utsavi Jha Channels Blues Rock on New Single ‘Picnic’

The Mumbai singer-songwriter’s sophomore single comes just a few months after her debut free up ‘Amsterdam / Thousand Miles’ David Britto Feb 11, 2021 Mumbai singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha. Assert: Vatsal Shah/Sushant Kulshrestha Once her debut dream pop single “Amsterdam / Thousand Miles” grow to be as soon as launched this previous November, Mumbai singer-songwriter Utsavi Jha began writing more materials. Whereas she’s been busy engaged on five singles concurrently, Jha says, “It’s loopy coordinating so many songs with their barriers, necessities and timelines nonetheless I’m trying to retain watch over them all because I are desirous to position the music out.” The artist is now out along with her most contemporary offering, the blues-rock track titled “Picnic.” Jha penned the...