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Ice climbers scale one of Yukon’s most spectacular waterfalls

A neighborhood of ice climbers has carried out what few, if any, beget carried out before — scaled the scenic Million Dollar Falls in Yukon.'The ice became shining. It became a mountainous time. We all had hundreds of stress-free,' stated David Turcotte, who, alongside with some visitors, climbed the ice at Yukon's 60-metre-excessive Million Dollar Falls closing weekend. (Submitted by David Turcotte)Yukon's scenic Million Dollar Falls are a mammoth diagram for sightseers, however this season they've drawn one more crowd — ice-climbers. David Turcotte of B.C. figures he's amongst the main — if no longer the first — to scale the frozen cataract. He did it closing weekend alongside with some visitors.The chilling feat came about by "accident," he stated. A pair of weeks ago the neighborhood...