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Dr Ana Coeva is determined to present care to all youth in need

The faces of clinical doctors treating patients infected with COVID-19 are marked by goggles, yearning for beloved ones and hope for victory. Idea to be such a clinical doctors is Ana Coeva, a paediatrician on the Emilian Coțaga Youth’s Clinical institution in the Republic of Moldova.What preoccupies Ana the most is being far flung from her family – in particular her 5-365 days-old daughter, whom she has chosen no longer to ogle for the final month out of peril of infecting her, while she continues to work on the clinical institution.“I am grateful that my daughter can stop with her grandparents so I produce no longer threat infecting her with the coronavirus. Her grandmother is very patient, explaining the problem and answering questions – of which there are tons of: ‘Where is my mothe...