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Cooler Master NR200P Review

Producer: Cooler MasterUK heed (as reviewed): £85US heed (as reviewed): £XXXWith the latest success of microscopic-assassinate-factor (SFF) boutique chassis such because the Dan Case A4, it be no shock that properly-organized-scale manufacturers would accept entangled. We beforehand reviewed the Lian Li TU 150 in leisurely-2019 and the transportable bonfire NZXT H1 in April 2020. The Cooler Master NR200P now we bear in with us on the present time modified into once launched in leisurely-2020 and retails for wherever between £85 and £100, with the latest ongoing inventory points plaguing the computer enterprise. The NR200P comes in at a svelte 376mm x 185mm x 292m...