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Deena Cortese Welcomes 2nd Child

Deena Cortese is a boy mom -- times two! The Jersey Shore: Family Vacation big name and husband Chris Buckner factual welcomed their second son, Cameron Theo. The longtime couple is already fogeys to two-365 days-outdated Christopher John (aka CJ). "The Buckners for the time being are officially a celebration of 4," Deena captioned the album above. "Cameron Theo Buckner used to be born Can even 1st at 7: 21pm weighing 7 pound 3 oz and 20 inches lengthy he's this kind of piece of angel toddler .. mommy is feeling effectively and we're all so beyond tickled and we’re bursting out with so grand admire .. our hearts are fleshy! We can’t wait until he meets his substantial brother the next day!!" Deena and Chris shared that Small one Buckner #2 used to be on the model ...