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NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Snaps Sharp Selfie With ‘Mont Mercou’

NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover ragged two cameras to offer this selfie in front of Mont Mercou, a rock outcrop that stands 20 feet (6 meters) significant. The panorama is made up of 60 images from the MAHLI digicam on the rover’s robotic arm along with 11 images from the Mastcam on the mast, or “head,” of the rover. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS The rover also snapped a pair of panoramas to offer a 3D detect of the stark cliff face featured in the selfie. Firstly of March, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover began drawing reach an excellent rock formation that scientists dubbed “Mont Mercou,” a nickname taken from a mountain in France. Standing about 20 feet (6 meters) significant, the outcrop is captured in all its majesty in a unique selfie, as effectively as in a pair of panoramas that provide a...